I'll do 3

I guess i’ll make some avatars.


-I’ll only make ONE animated av, if i have to.
-Don’t be stupid… request something reasonable

Can you please make me one of Kyo? Any matching background would be ok. Animated, if possible. I’ve provided the pics. Have SN in it and “Dark Addictz” in the lower left-hand corner. Thanx in advanced

Can you make me a cool blue chunli avatar using the SvC sprite please? You can make it anyway you want to as long as its blue and with that sprite. Be creative and have fun doing it. Thanks in advance :slight_smile: .

Would an avatar of Rose and Gambit playing a game of cards with each other (not animated) be incredibly unreasonable?

I’m sure I could dig up the images that could be used for such an avatar, but some skilled editing would be required.

Also, I have a simple avatar question:

My current avatar is all gritty and ugly looking. I have all the original frames of animation, but I’d like to fit it into an avatar 20kb in size or less, and have it still look good.

Is there an easy way to convert/lower the palette to say, 16 colors, without making it look gritty/ugly?

Or an easy way to git rid of the grits/noise/static in the current one?

I’ll get started on them when i get home.

sorry, but i couldnt get tthe animantion to work right.

Sorry for the double post.

Umm… Here’s some Rose and Remy shots.

I dunno about the background though. And I’d like Gambit (Remy) to be holding cards in his hand (same ones Rose is holding).

I’d also like it if it were possible to remove the card from between Roses’ breasts (totally optional though).

And I couldn’t find a good table or chairs to use. :expressionless:

Sorry for the double post (again).

I tried to put the cards in Gambits’ hands but it looks a little strange. :bluu:

i tried

Yo man thanx, kickass avatar:cool: Don’t worry about the animation, loks good without;) Can’t wait and see what you came up with for the poker ava:)

this should work now… i hope

Hey, thanks.

I like your table/cards.

This is the best I could come up with :

Here’s my second attempt :


[Edit] Nevermind about my question on how to fix the gritty/static look (from a few posts back). I fixed it.

How bout mine?

i’ve been a little tired today, i’ll do it now I guess.

here you go.

Umm… Not be be a critic or anything, but…

It looks just like yours, only blue?

Cool enough for me. Thanks a lot.

its called having a style of your own.

Ah, that makes sense (not sarcastic).

Like I said, I wasn’t being a critic or anything. Just curious.