I'll do a 3S AV for some1 RIGHT NOW


B33M4N6’s 3rd Strike “Sprite” Request Thread

[EDIT] Changed title from “I’ll do a 3S AV for some1 RIGHT NOW …”

… if you ask nicely …


Ryu Shinshoryuken, please. :smiley:


K I’m on it …


Mad props, man. :lol:


If you have good quality 3s sprites, could you give me any Urien or Q ones?


I don’t have actual sprites. My method is to capture the video onto my HD, then w/ Premiere I make a filmstrip file which I then edit w/ PS & ImageReady to make an animated gif. It’s messy, but it doesn’t look bad in a small avatar image.

Which brings me to my next point -->

Kayin: You chose a difficult one to do, cuz the avatar limit on these forums is more wide than it is tall, and the Shinshoryuken goes straight UP. Most of the move even takes place BEHIND the power bar, but perhaps, if you want, I could replace it with your username. It’s gonna be TINY tho …


Sounds cool to me.

Black background and blue font.


if you have the time, and wouldn’t mind doing another one, could I have Ken doing his finger taunt in his white costume (daigo).

Just a gif would do, so I can use it for other forums (and other avatar sizes) :smiley:

let me know if not


Hey, just wondering B33M4N6. Could you just make it the top half of Ryu’s Sprite in the av?


Hmm…well would you be able to just send me the screenshots of certain poses, so I can edit out the backgrounds? Also, running in De-Interlaced mode makes the sprites look better. Just hold L+START while you boot up, until the intro video starts playing.


Snowman - Yeah sure, but try to give me some specifics: like the sizes you want, and colours, etc.

DarkGiygas - Sure, whatever you want.

Kiyas - Here it is, I hope you deem it to be useable. It is terribly small tho, but it should fit into the guidelines for size and shape on this forum. Enjoy!

[EDIT] Woops, I done forgot to read the rest of the replies b4 posting this and I missed the whole part about you wanting it from the waste up… Shit, I guess I could do that still if you really want…


Well, could I get screencaps of:

Urien (Red color - L+B+X)

  • Temporal Thunder (after the ball is gone, but still in pose)
  • Violence Knee Drop
  • Standing Fierce
  • Any Tackle
  • Tyrant Slaughter (first frame, where he bends back)
  • Forward+MK (with leg out)

Any of these would be great. You can PM me, or e-mail me at xaero_0@hotmail.com so you don’t need to keep posting attachments.

And remember, De-interlaced mode!


Alright, so when do I start to hold in L+Start - As soon as I power on my DC, or after the swirly logo has come n’ gone already?


Doesn’t matter, I usually do it once the swirly logo has gone. You’ll be able to tell if its in De-Interlaced, because all the characters will seem more “pixellized”, but it actually makes them clearly, and better for ripping.

Also, if you can, do Q’s taunt sprite, in white costume (A button).


hey man, your a true sprite ripper! thumbs up to you!

i was wondering if i could get any sprite from dudley, please!

ps: but not in av format size. make it as big as you can. thanks if possible.


erm, not fully sure, about about 200 pixels x 200? As long as you get a decent size Ken i’m happy (something abit bigger than yours, mostly want to empthasize on the top half, with the hand doing the taunt)

Ken colour - R button (not holding start), should be in his White costume with brighter skin (otherwise known as the Daigo Ken colour)


:eek: that Ryu is tight as fuck. Good job on that:cool:


Seth - Sure, I can try. What specific Dudley moves or poses are you wanting?

kidwu - Thanks, dude. I was worried about how it was gonna turn out cuz aside from the one I did for myself this morning it was the second time I’ve done anything like that.

DarkGiygas - I just fired you off an e-mail so you should get them screens very soon.

Snowman - Here’s a White Ken for you, I think it would look good against a dark background.

[EDIT] This one has a white border around it, so it’d be better against a light bg.


damn straight, i’ve been after this sprite for ages.
cheers :smiley:



Here’s a white Q taunt avatar.

He’s a smooth criminal.

[EDIT] Anybody can use this if they want.