I'll do a few requests (closed)

CLOSED - I might come back, but too much going on right now

I have ram and photoshop now, so I’ll do a few avs.

No animation, don’t ask to do something you’ve seen someone else do, and please don’t ask for something crazy like 4 characters in a non premium av - it’s possible but I just rather not do any avs like. If it’s not guilty gear or sf then provide some pics.

k, go.






amandainnswooo (most random request ever :looney:)


:cybot: Aw sniz-apz! Arcas, you’re back. Can’t wait to see what you got in store. You and Shim are the guys that inspired me to get good at making avatars, :rofl: instead of making those cheesy disasters I used to make when I first got here. Good luck, pats back and Godspeed… dood!

Thanks. It looks like you’ve really passed me up with your av making - that current ayu av is great - but I’ll try!

Woaaa… I feel awsome…
… aah.

It was good while it lasted :smiley:

Sorry for spamming in your thread arcas.

C. Viper av. Go.

can I get an av using this picture http://www.goingon.com/sites/default/files/images/pittsburghpenguins_Pittsburgh_Penguins.gif


Can you make me a flier?

^it looks like gumz has already taken you’re request and this is a av request thread, but I’ll consider other stuff.

good spam is fun spam.

new avs!

Yo thanks alot for this av

This is kind of a difficult av request, so I’ll just post it up but I don’t know if it would be possible to do.

I’d want a gif from the movie Dumb and Dumber. Theres a part where he’s dreaming that he’s Mary Swansons boyfriend and they are at some house with like 3 other couples and he’s telling a joke “I don’t know but thats a really nice ski mask.” Well right after he says that he does like 5 punches and it looks hilarious. So if someone get a gif of him just punching that would be great.

If not. can someone just put this in an avatar with “Biggzy” thrown in somewhere. http://static.howstuffworks.com/gif/joker-2.jpg

Ohh, both premium size please. Thank you.

Arcas V -

Would you be able to do a regular sized avatar of this image?

My name isn’t required, but if you’re able to find space for it, and it looks badass, then even better…

Would you be willing to do an AV of Mr. Heart standing next to Hugo with Mr. Heart saying “friends?” and Hugo responding “Yes, friends”? Any pic of heart or hugo would do if you had the time. Non prem if possible.

Is this thread dead?

Meh, you and I just made our requests yesterday, you gotta give the man time to work.

Lol what? The entire thread is less than a week old.
Anyway, I wouldn’t know how to do your first request and I wouldn’t know what to do with that joker pic other than put your name on it… So I guess that’s what I’ll do…?

Riot Guard- who is Mr. Heart (provide pics please). And I rather not do animation but I guess it wont hurt.

Arsenal- gotcha.

I’ll do these tonight.

Im still waiting on mine yo lol


yay can you combine
mario kart
My belly


and hello kitty!!?

Biggzy - http://img237.imageshack.us/img237/1486/biggzycopywr6.png

I’m not sure if you’re fine with that but if you want to request something with a different picture or just request something from someone else, I won’t mind.

Why didn’t you just ask someone else on here while I was gone? Well if you still want me to make it, I reformated my old computer so I need that picture again.

Whaa? Do you mean to have it animated and have each picture in a still frame? If not, I’m lost.

arsenal - first post

Hey Arcas, thanks for the av.

It is pretty basic but I still like it. If you can think of anything to kind of jazz it up, please feel free to try. + rep for you.

can i get an av of this beautiful girl:


can be anything just use your imagination lol. thx in advance.