I'll do a request


i’ll do ONE request. Provide pic, and DragonGod… NO I WILL NOT MAKE YOU A MAGNUS AV!! so don’t even ask…


can i request the sprite you used for your avatar?


sent a PM to you.


why you gotta hate for i never did anything to u but hey if people want to be followers then i guess by all means. you would of probably been one of those people that beat slaves just because everyone didn’t like em.


people dont like you because you av whore.


Can u make me a santhrax av? I really don’t have any pics nor do I know where to get em.


i am not an AV WHORE!!! you don’t even know what that is:mad:


dude, i made you one in your thread



i told u I wanted one in animation. Plus it is too big in pixels


so your trying to say that me and giga don’t know what it means?

expect your av soon mario… but you should at least give hadoken a chance to remake?


ok… didn’t know what santhrax was, so i just put storm in it liek hadoken did.


iam not going to talk about it


yo, i got it. i’ll animate it when i get home… cuz santhrax is storm/sentinel/commando

that’s whats’ in the one i made… and since i technically catered to him first, i hope you don’t mind LF??

it’ll be done when i get back to my dorm… in about 25 minutes or so… then give me like five minutes to fix and animate it…



don;t matter to me… i’ll use the av for myself :smiley:


cool :slight_smile:


anyone want the storm av?