I'll do a SINGLE non-avatar request


banner, joystick, wallpaper

nothing impossible… dimensions are a MUST or i wont do it… supply pics where needed

details and dimensions please

here is what i need alternated

|Same Dimension as it is i just need colors changed out|
and here is what i need the colors to be alternated to

Just make the Colors of the pic in the top Link match the Colors of the picture in the Bottom link

DDA, you need to invest in photobucket.com or imagevenue.com or somethin’…

why?? thats my site im using as host so why use another site when i’ve got my own?

cuz yesterday the images/ site was down. today it’s back up. yay for you.

also, using a diffrent site to host or store images can help you save on bandwith. it’s not an neccesity but an option.

mixah’s unavailable… i’ll do it

you want that animated?


Thanks a lot man thats whats up and i guess i’ll look into that photobucket thing and what not greatly appreciate this dude


it lokos liek anji is air humping

:frowning: Are you still gonna take a request?

send me the PMz0rz. and i’ll think about it