I'll do three av requests

Doing a few more requests.

Well, I seem to be getting popular lately with av making, who knew. :lol: Anyway, I’ll take the first three requests, but that’s all. Last time I made a thread like this, I got majorly swamped. Rules are as follows…

-Nothing insane, remember the 20 KB file limit plz.

-I don’t really do custom sprites and the like, so don’t ask.

-I usually shy away from team avatars (MvC2 and the like) but if it’s not too crazy, I’ll do it.

Besides that, it’s all good. Well, that’s about it…ask away. :slight_smile:

Hey hey can you make me an av of rapheal from ninja turtles? (not sure if thats how you spell his name but yea) and just have my sn in it…kk thanks.:stuck_out_tongue:

hey. I love the av your useing. can you make me one like that?

edit: I still love the av that monkeyspank made for me. but avs this good are just too good to pass up.

Okay, I’ll begin immediately. BTW Blue Phoenix, did you want a Hikaru Utada avatar (which would make it like mine) or did you have another girl in mind, only with a similar style?

I want one with Hikaru Utada. just like yours.

Okay monkeyspank, here’s yours. Blue Phoenix, I’m on yours right now.

Blue Phoenix: All done here. Hope you like.

Soulblade136: Got your PM, I’ll do it. BTW, know any good sites with pics of her? That would help.

I Am Lothar: I’m doing yours right now.

Everybody else: Sorry, the three av request limit has been reached. I’ll consider doing a couple more, but don’t hold your breath. :lol:

AV whore…

I Am Lothar: There’s yours. I thought it’d be kinda cool to show Rock and Gaara fighting, so I threw that in and added a blur effect for “artistic” quality. :lol:

Soulblade136: I’ll do yours, but it’ll be a little later. Gotta go register for college and what not. :bluu:

Soulblade136: Here’s your av. Didn’t have to leave just yet.

InfiniDragon615. this av kicks ass!! thanks so much for makeing it.:cool:

Thanks sir :smiley:

holy shit dude thats beautiful, thanks

You own man. My first Japanese actress AV. :smiley:

Okay guys, I’m back, and up for a few more requests. I’ll do the first 5 requests.

BTW Blue Phoenix and Deuce, yours don’t count towards this number, I’m doing yours now.

If your still doing requests could i get an av with Iori,Joe,and Blanka in it. Anyway it’s done is cool, thanks.

I’m on it.

Deuce, here’s your av. Blue Phoenix, I’ll do that second one in a bit.

thanks for making that av partner, it looks fucking dope.


Blue Phoenix, yours is finished.

Worthless Scrub, I’m doing yours now.

OK, next 4 requests. :slight_smile:

I love this av! thanks so much InfiniDragon.:cool: