Ill do two

ok so i finally have some free time tonight so (while im doing more work on TG’s wallpaper :smiley: ) i will take 2 (READ:TWO) av requests…

just tell me the character (or person) gimmie a pic and you name and ill do the rest

no more info needed

You good at animation nero?if so i have a request because it seem that HF ain’t around.

forgot to say, i dont touch animation with a ten foot pole…i leave that to Orangmegaslide, Soul Ebelius, and PsychoSquall…sorry

Ok it’s cool.

i would like an av with this picture. please. thanks.


ok thats one

I’d like an avatar, so I’ll just reserve the second spot until I get home.


neroiscariot = best

damn i got beaten too this place… oh wellz…

-goes to TM for his request thread…:lol:

rawr! :smiley:

I’m mad you left my name out of that quote :frowning:

Here you go!

You are cool on my list, cus you made my Av…

^ spelt his name wrong… >_<

I’ve left PS in because he made my avatar. :smiley:

That, and I wasn’t sure if you do animate or not. Don’t remember seeing any thing from you.

…I just quote it exactly as it is from neroiscariot…

Dammit…I saw this thread too late. I would’ve liked to have a nero made av. :mad:

sorry maybe next time bro…ok chibi tell me what you want whenever

I used to animate ALL THE TIME.
So I guess you just never paid attention, or cared.

Oh well.

EDIT: oooo, nice av you just made there, nero.

Rock the pink power with this sprite. You can edit the sprite if you want and pinkerize it too if you want, and if you can put in chibiluvhinako (like what I have now). Otherwise just put Chibi.

Thanks nero, i luv u <3.