Ill just leave this here


:rofl: you gotta slow that big *%#@#& down. :rofl:

Just get Super, kid. They took care of Gief for you. :frowning:

Seriously, though…this is freaking golden! :tup:

the funniest part of this is that he is serious, and what even better is that he probably thinks he is good at this game.


LoL @ the new one. This guy is so funny. Its like all the salt I have ever tasted in one youtube clip. Did he really waste his money on a stick?

I dont think its his money judging by his videos he is spoiled…

wow…just wow. first off, this makes me so glad to be a gief mainer for some reason lol. secondly, it’s scary to think gief got nerfed because of retards like this. thirdly, how old is this kid like 13, 14? does this little freak represent the future of our society lol. i don’t think i cursed that much in my whole life, damn.

Excellent video. I can’t wait to see the one he makes when he faces a competent human controlled Gief with a nightmare wakeup game. I think he will break Youtube on that glorious day.

I may just be feeding the troll, but I was bored so I posted these replies.




I can understand that the kid is new and Zangief on hardest difficulty can be quite challenging (I was actually surprised myself, you have to fight him like he’s a butter churner). What I don’t understand is why someone who’s new to a very deep and strategic game would even expect themselves to be able to hang on the hardest difficulty. If a newbie can pick it up and beat the hardest difficulty…well why the hell is that the hardest difficulty? And then to be so upset by it that they bitch and moan and nag and bitch and bitch on YouTube? Unbelievable.


LOL have you seen the newest link?

If he thinks mortal kombat is the best, he must have some sort of… Deficiency

LOL have you seen the newest link?

If he thinks mortal kombat is the best, he must have some sort of… Deficiency

man, I want to play this kid and whale on him with Zangief. SO BAD. did anyone else notice tha he used almost no special moves? I saw only 1 shoryuken and that was it. if that’s the case, he REALLY doesn’t know how this game works.

and Jnguyen. we’re not hating, we’re having fun at this rather rude and unskilled kid’s expense. when people put videos of themselves being idiots online, people make fun of them. that’s how it works. and how does us marvelling at the stupidity of this kid automaically mean we’re bad at this game? Bad people? maybe. bad at this game? no correlation, that makes no sense.

people like this kid caused the gief nerf!

Kids say the darndest things…

I like his earring. Real talk, son.

Did you not see the “U Can’t Beat Zangief” video? This kid is so S-Rank, he turned all buttons off, 'cept Fierce, and lit up 'Gief with nothing but Hadoken and Shoryuken.