"I'll never cut corners in my practice!" Ibuki Notes, Tech and Q&A thread



I’ve been fiddling around with some regular resets to go for outside of v trigger situations, and I found a couple that might be useful. Not sure how much longevity they have, but maybe you guys can help me figure out some more uses for them.

  1. cr. MP xx ex. LP kunai -> LK dash -> b. MP -> st. LP kunai -> whatever

This one is a bit finicky with all the timings, but it’s consistent. The important parts are that you hit b. MP as soon as the LP dash ends so that it hits all the way at the top, and then DO NOT cancel the b. MP into the LP kunai, wait for the animation to finish and then just throw the kunai like a link. If you do it right, the kunai hits meaty since it doesn’t have enough juggle points to to combo in the air. I’m not very technically adept so I’ve had trouble seeing exactly how meaty it hits if you do it perfect, but I’ve been able to get at least st. LK off of it (so you can go into LP raida -> standard wakeup pressure). By appearances it doesn’t look like that one hit as meaty as possible, so you might be able to get an even better combo off the kunai, but I haven’t been able to execute it yet. At the very least, if you can’t combo it, st. MK would be at least be a great frame trap that you could go for as well, and you could get excellent throw setups. I’m thinking that last one might be the most useful because if you’re going for a reset to get the stun, that’ll maximize the damage of our stun combo.

  1. st. MK -> st. MP f. MK TC -> cr. MP -> whatever

This was affected by the season 2 patch in multiple ways. First off, the st. MK -> st. MP now links, so your opponent will be expecting a combo in the situation, instead of a frame trap like season one. In addition, since the TC is now +6 instead of +5, we can now link into cr. MP, which is important for this reset because of the pushback from the st. MK -> st. MP hits push the opponent out of range for st. MK to link off the overhead (it will whiff). This also highlights another important bonus of this reset though, which is that the overhead gets autospaced to hit from so far away that the opponent can’t “take their turn” guaranteed off of the -2 oB, since lots of attacks will whiff from this distance.



absolutley love this reset which wasnt possible before


on 1000 stun characters you can do this:


need to start the combo with 1.5-1.75 bar for it to work


This is actually bloody interesting.

I think it is more of a tool for reaping white health, so when you build up a lot of white life on the opponent and have few kunai, you can read or setup a safe ex recharge and get back to ultra lame zoning. If you have two bars, you can full screen EX kunai and release all kunais on a hard read for the win.

On the video below, you’ll some great use of Ex Kunai, jump target combo, left right mixup with meaty st.mk linked into st.mp, ex kunai repeat.

You’ll also see some meta application of glide on neutral jumping / fireball war.



Recently found a very scummy bomb reset with H command jump after Sako setup when ibuki ends near the corner. This thing is… unblockable.


i used my imagination and blocked it free



Ibuki grinding never ends. And no this video is not the mixup. I’m saving the video footage for tournaments lol basically you do a command jump instead of command dash m after the f.HK, its a no crossup mixup. Then the command jump doesnt crossup either the cornered character. Its a 2x no crossup that looks like a crossup twice. And if they get hit by the bomb there are good reset and damage options too.


Changed my mind and stealth recorded it in this other video, just dont share it to other communities pls, let it be our secret xD



honestly at this point there are so many setups that its almost impossible to know what setup you gonna get hit by. all of them have same starters aswell.
and even if you recognize the setup, most of the time it will be too late to do anything about it.


I’m trying to get the ex kunai> hk command dash> target combo cross under mix up that Narikun was doing. Does anyone know the timing of the cross under?


Honestly i dont think it is worth doing. It is too unsafe. After the ex kunai I would rather go for regular jump forward, j.mp very close to the ground, command dash LK. Much better and less window to be punished. Is it even neutral if done 100% precise unlike the other setup.


Too bad Narikun and Majorboy arent doing any major competitions, they’re a blast to watch


They will be. Majorboy was already at a couple last year and he supposedly was at the Tokyo Offline Party a couple days ago. Tachikawa and a few others were there too.

They just need to hurry up with this arcade release so people don’t have to have a system just to play.


How are you getting the j.mp mixup to be neutral? I always get beat when I try to press buttons after the LK dash. I can get the air target combo mixup to beat 3 frame normals with s.MK, s.LP, s.LK, and throw though.


If majorboy and other JPN Ibukis are going for the target combo mix up you would think it’d be safe. I’ve never seen them get mashed out of it


Most ibukis take several risks to win, specially online where it doesnt matter and input lag helps her get away with unsafe mixups.

I will try to understand lp, mk target combo as mixup starter then. Maybe i have yet to find a better timimg. Thankyou @Rykendawg


I’ve been able to be aroun +4 once,but it’s a bit inconsistent to actually be plus on the mixup


I haven’t did an extensive search on the forums so please point me in the direction of where I need to go if someone mentioned this before… On the latest majorboy 19 vid when he plays against Poongko & Yu5ririn everyone talks about the combo at 9:56. But did anyone notice that he was able to combo overhead mk into the st mk -> cr hk -> st hk target combo around the 8:55 mark? :o



ocerhead target combo is +6 on hit, regular overhead is +3


Gotcha… so he did the target combo of st mp (which was blocked) -> f. mk and then did the combo off of that.

Thanks for the reply