"I'll never cut corners in my practice!" Ibuki Notes, Tech and Q&A thread



Ehm i went to lab again with target combo and simply couldnt make it safe or neutral or anything. It is super unsafe to do the crossup trick with LK command dash after air j.lp, mk. This trick is not gonna work offline. Get those “good” ibuki players out of their cave and test their setups in tournaments i say.

This setup is wayyyy more relevant imo:



you can do the target combo,delay the mk,do a regular dash, and be +6 and get a really hard to see crossup/fake crossup mixup


Look if somebody would have pointed out that you can delay the j.mk in the target combo i wouldnt have looked like an idiot! Thankyou @pepopulo truly an insightful post. I got it to work now. Best mixup option indeed.




Enjoy! Our research results. Both are 100% controllable. You decide which side the mixup is quite easily. The corner one by walking forward or backward or simply standing. The midscreen one by a subtle difference in j.lp to j.mk delay.


Guys idk if it was documented in patch notes but the s2 slide is so much better. We can confirm with s.lk > L raida at max range now, not CH required. For s1 we needed CH and max range for s.lp to connect, a 3 frames move! It is like this slide was buffed 3-4 frames.


nah,s1 slide was +4 at max range too, in fact it’s kind of hard to combo off of slide because at mas range it’s +4 but stl.lp doesn’t reach and just outside max range it’s +3 and it can be hard to tell


Idk man… the slide really feel better… im using now on neutral 500% more and it works. Season 1 it felt too hard to use


wel tbh I was abusing slide in s1 too lol


s.mk, s.mp, kunai H, (confirm), Kazekiri H<---- This confirm is soooo fun to do, and effective. I love new Ibuki.


How would you guys rate Ibuki in S1 and now in S2, out of 10?


S1: 5/10
S2: 8/10

The laura matchup might be harder now though :confused:


10 outta 10 cuz she’s my favorite and she has more of the things I like from 3S.


For both seasons?


Balance wise she needed some improvements in Season 1 so she was more like 8.5 outta 10 for me. I really liked the way they designed her though.


@mykka if you want to see if ibuki is a good character this season i tell you she and rashid will be the dark horses this season. Characters with untaped potential were heavily buffed in mixup aspects and antiprojectile wars maybe a little too much and now they are a real threat to the top tier.


If i were to give characters 1-10 scores, to my current knowledge it would be

10- guile and urien
9- laura, cammy, rashid, balrog
8- Ibuki, sim, vega, akuma, chun, necalli, bison, birdie, karin
7- mika, juri, ken, nash, zangief, ryu, fang
6- alex


FANG a 7? You’re tripping.

Ibuki may be a threat, but mostly due to lack of match knowledge. However since there seems to be more pros maining her this season, that might change


Fang has great normals and dirty mixups with that command dash. 7 is not very good next to a 10-9 so?.

Fangs still beats Ibuki imo the opinion that he is terrible is wrong.


Ibuki doesn’t lose to Fang lol. He’s still ass just slightly less ass

Well really most Fang players are saying he’s actually worse


I just found something weird,you can empty cancel a chained st.LP into her st.MP target combo,and if the st.MP hits or is blocked you can follow it up with the st.HP/st.LK finisher of the tg,I’m sure this isn’t new and was presetn in S1tho, can’t really think of a good way to use this,but hey,it’s there,so watch out if you’re mashing that st.LP for a target combo confirm and fuck up