"I'll never cut corners in my practice!" Ibuki Notes, Tech and Q&A thread



wait are you saying you can link H kazekiri after st.mk, st.mp, H kunai?

edit: ok nvm, i got this to work in the corner. definitely a fun confirm. is there any way to do it midscreen?

edit again: yeah, i guess you can do it midscreen. seems to work easier using L kunai but maybe thats just me.


loving s2 ibuki so much <3


Sup guys just picked up Ibuki. I hope to discuss and share tech with you guys


This is great stuff. I like st mp st mp kunai vt (neutral) st lk fwd HK into medium Kasumigake. The bomb blows up and ur hidden from sight after the fwd HK.


I had no idea u could do v skill trigger. Perfect for when u have no bar and are lookin for that stun


I’m having trouble timing the st mk sweep medium dash st lk mixup. My st lk gets beat every single time in training mode is this a hard knockdown setup or is that st lk supposed to meatie against quick rise?


basically that setup is to time a meaty instant air kunai. it’s best to do it after a crush counter sweep. the mk dash, st.lk is for timing. after that you go right into instant air kunai and it’s super meaty and i believe it crosses up.
I’m unsure of if the lk will meaty on quickrise though.


It only works if they don’t tech or you get a crush counter


No man, the matchup is soo hard. Im curious at why you think it is easy, the character has incredible buttons, better than vega, bison and rog imo

@celadon yes! It is a confirm and works anytime as long as it is correctly spaced, this was a stealth damage buff we got with the s.mk adjustment.

@“DevilJin 01” when are we gonna do the mirror matches? You been pushing down my invitations lately xD


I’m just grinding ranked for now. Not doing any casual matches for a while. I’ll let you know when I’m playing people again.

Oh and yeah, you’ll just have to figure it out why Fang sucks (probably even more) vs Ibuki now. His buttons are easily counter pokeable and it gets bad once Ibuki is in. Shouldn’t be having problems. If you’re losing to Fang it’s basically because you give a shit about he’s doing. The less you give a shit the better you’ll do since the risk/reward of the match is generally in your favor.


I don’t think fang has better buttons than bison and his zoning isn’t that hard to deal with.


Bison zoning? You mean footsies


I actually meant better buttons than balrog oops


@“DevilJin 01” don be a coward and join my room! I wanna see those setups of yours in mirror matches, last time i beat you, come get the runback xD


Told you I’m only doing ranked for a while lol. You’ll just have to fight Paradise or something until I’m comfortable with some LP that I like.


How are ranked points more relevant than improving the character together lol


They’re not, I just want them LOL. Kinda like survival mode just to have it.


I’m down to play whenever I guess, but I prefer after 9:30 pm or after.


Which rank are you @Paradise1955 , you online now? I love ibuki mirrors and we get to test our setups as well


Oh sorry I was busy but i’m super diamond. I’ve played you in ranked once before I think but you were using vega, but we can play tomorrow if your available.