"I'll never cut corners in my practice!" Ibuki Notes, Tech and Q&A thread



is it practically possible to get 100% consistent with ibuki’s stlp mp sthp/lk target combo hitconfirm?
its a lot harder than kens one hit confirms imo, with a lot of practice ive gotten somewhat consistent but i still mess it up in matches a lot. Im not entirely sure if more practice is going to make me 100% consistent.


Nobody really has it down 100 percent. It’s just something you kinda have to eye. If you watch most of the Japanese Ibukis they either try to eye it or just play it safe and stop the target early (which is technically unsafe, but hard to visually react and punish) or just preemptively go into s.LK

You can link into it if you’re at closest range with s.LP, which gives you a much easier confirm, but unfortunately if you’re not literally right next to the opponent the target will whiff.


i have s.lp>s.mp > confirm > s.hp (or nothing at all if no confirm) down, adding the s.lk after the s.mp is only more brain work that is unnecessary imo.


I’m down to play tonight if you want, I should be on around 10.


so Infiltration seems to be officially maining Ibuki (and Juri).


Hey guys, I’ve been recently been doing my own research on a cr.mk combo into V-trigger. I have been tirelessly chasing the idea that there is a possibility to extend ibuki’s threat level, with having the option to do meterless and kunai-less mix-ups. Since this set up also picks up other concepts like using kunai’s or meter to make the combo happen, the bomb already allows the opponent to be poped up into the air, while performing air TC’s such as: lp x mk, or hp x hk. Recently while watching infiltrations ibuki, he also did the same cr.mk set up, except- after cr.mk, you can connect into st.mk, HK kazegiri. This makes the opponent pop up much higher then the average bomb combo. I will probably make a video of this pretty soon, just to explore the idea of this concept, and making it work. Here’s a gif of this in action:


There is one more set up I have recently discovered after watching infiltrations ibuki. After cr.mk xx V-trigger, st.mk, HK kazegiri, MK command dash, b.mp- (this causes the opponent to go into hard knockdown) xx second bomb, Dash. After the dash, you can perform one of the following scenerio’s:

(After quick rise)

  1. Grab. Beats all jabs, loses to regular shoryuken and EX, but connects with the bomb on the way down.
  2. st.MP. Considered a meaty, beats regular DP’s, all jabs, loses to EX Dp’s and possibly CA on wake up.

I have yet to develop a non-quick rise option. But feel free to experiment this set up.

Overall, I think this set up is really strong. Especially when I see no other ibuki cover their options with a possibly if the opponent is covering everything except lows. One more thing, the st.mk cannot connect with cr.mk at max range. If you can see that it’s too far, you can connect with cr.mp into f.hk TC and perform another resource-less mix up.

Here is a fun set up I also did, however be warned that it’s super gimmicky, loses to jabs and everything else But it’s stylish as hell.



The mk isn’t linking into the hk dp. They could just block
Nvm I just saw the second video. Neat


Welp those are my season 2 characters so I know how to be a cheap bitch just like Infil.

Red showed me those setups a few days ago. Lab monsters labbing




Apparently it wasn’t him, just some friends using his ID, hence the title change. Too bad.


Oh I know who it is. It’s that guy with the glasses.

Welp Infiltration just wants his new hit and run character now that Nash is nerfed. Juri should fit the bill


^^ He’s maining Juri, says he’s in love with her lol. Although he messed around with Ibuki and Rashid, doesn’t seem he’ll be taking them on.


Yeah Ibuki isn’t hit and run enough for Infil. Rashid is more so, but I think he would end up not being as good as John and Juri has stores and cancels and tricky things that would speak to his style as well.

At this point all you have to do is be better than Aiai to be the best Juri which shouldn’t be too hard.

As for other stuff I’m going to be labbing up things I didn’t brush up on with Ibuki before now that I got to my goal of 15000 lp with Ibuki. I’ll be playing people in sets again soon so I’ll request that after I’ve gotten some time in with Juri


I won this year first tournament for my country with Ibuki, yay!

Winner finals was agaisnt urien and gfs with laura.


All ibuki? No fair Vega?


Used vega only agaisnt a sim player… then he shift to ken and still beat him


Grand finals was ridiculous. We got to final round in a 2-2 score after a reset and laura was about to stun me with a life lead. Then after a few trades i got a hit and confirmed to the phantom mixup (bomb, walk forward a bit, s.lp target combo, command dash lk, s.mp into mixup) and stunned laura to score a win, my ibuki would have died with 900 life points!


How’s Vega vs Sim? With time I feel you should be able to do that match with Ibuki also.

950 health does help in situations vs those high tiers. Whereas the lower tier characters have to work that much harder to kill a character they already probably struggle against


I prefer vega vs sim because:

Vega j.hk trades a lot with his s.lp unlike ibuki air normals

Vega normals hiboxes are better than ibuki and hit him out of his long range normals better

Vega has better corner carry than ibuki from any confirm and sim hates the corner

Sim pressure is not very opressive

Vega critical art and ex fba catch floating sim so sim has to play outside of air space more or at least conditioned to not do it when vega has meter

But yeah i believe ibuki also has strong points that i need to exploit in that matchup. Im not ready yet thats all.


Someone actually recorded the set with what it seems to be a Nokia 1100. Here is to watch but beware of potato quality!