"I'll never cut corners in my practice!" Ibuki Notes, Tech and Q&A thread



Curious to see how the Ibuki vs Kolin battle with go.


Ye kolins vskill looks cray


I heard her buttons suck defensively and counters are not very reliable, so i bet ibuki beats her…


Every counter i’m sure will have its uses but her best one so far seems like her anti air one since it does a ton of damage especially since you can just react with it. I doubt many Kolins will be throwing out random counters, her buttons outside of sweep looked fine too. Also if the first hit of sweep can be canceled on block then she’ll be even better off.


Her buttons range wise are actually pretty solid. Better than people want to admit. They seem to have about the range of Laura’s or a bit better. s.MP looks solid for whiff punishing and her c.LK looks about as long as Rashid’s.

There will be some downplaying of Kolin early on, but she has too many tools to not be a strong character. Tools that are unique to this game even. If she has a read on what you’re doing you’re most likely going to pay really big. She’s like playing Aoi or Asuka in a 2d fighter. Mainly emphasis on weaving in and out and countering the opponent and starting offense on that. She’s all about making you afraid to hit a button because she can evade or counter it and then turn the momentum on you.


I really like this grown up Ibuki


Why isnt there any good american Ibuki lol Shine is not using ANY of the tech in his fights.


chrisg is solid


Chrisg Ibuki is his 3th choice of character; and then he loses and blames ibuki, not even worth mentioning imo


Guile has always been ChrisG’s main character. It’ll be interesting when the arcade version comes out though because Japan will most likely put in work with some of the more unrepresented characters and some of the more mixup/setup oriented ones too.


Will Guile and Ibuki even be in the arcade mode? That will probably only include the 16 core characters


I don’t see why they wouldn’t be.


Hey, so can literally anyone watch my last casual match, ibuki vs nash? I just broke my 5th controller of this year in unfettered rage but I still don’t know how to beat it. Like I am so desperate I am prepared to do an irl favor for you. Whether it be money, drugs, assassination, what have you…

ID is ensane or ensanesane, don’t remember which.




Did the v skill give free juggle on hit before? you can do stuff like v skill (charged or not) st.MP overhead in the corner,or cr.HP mk dash,etc.In fact, if you do a perfect meaty charged v skill (raida, dash,st.MK,st.LP,charged v skill works as a setup) you can get lk dp or st.LP.Pretty cool


cool cc sweep 4 way mixup:
cc sweep,bomb (don’t cancel sweep into bomb), lk command dash,st.hp
from there you can do:
an instant overhead j.lk (beats 3 frame standing jabs,whiffs if the opponent does a crouching jab on wakeup,I think they eat the bomb if they do this tho,also beats most shoryus)
a mk command dash that makes 3 frame jabs whiff
a cr.mk (beats 3 frame jabs)
or a lk command dash that trades with jabs (only tested this on laura’s st.lp, but if she hits you with it she eats the bomb and you can do a combo normally)


So after 4 year break im thinking of playing SFV.
Are there many Ibuki players out there seems kinda empty :frowning:


After first day of playing:
I use slide to much,old habit :frowning:
I love the cr mk poke for stuffing things
Not sure to do if i get a cr jab ill have to look up the combos
Really fun to play but im really rusty …


There are still a decent amount of Ibuki players on here, but discord has more active Ibuki players. Most people are trying out Kolin right now though.


Granted I won’t pretend to have a perfect grasp on the Match-Up, but I have fought against a fair amount of Kolin’s. The Match-up, at the moment, feels like a contest on who can gain the momentum first, cause whoever does will just run with it. Kolin has better damage and better range, but Ibuki has better speed and better mix-ups. I feel like the match-up is ether even or in Ibuki’s favor.