"I'll never cut corners in my practice!" Ibuki Notes, Tech and Q&A thread



slide is fine, just have to space it correctly.


yeah thats true from right distance its ok.
im surprised jumping mk is a crossup,by playing with timing its very hard to see if its regular or crossup.
I have habit of holding throw bit release all my kunai thats not good.

all in all once again i love playing with ibuki.


Pro tip: If you read Birdie’s bullhead or Ex bullhead with a neutral jump, and fall down with mk for certain punish, the pushback and his hurtbox is so ridiculous that the only think that won’t wiff is cr.mp.


what best combo do you use after crossup mk?
right now im using tc lp mp hp lp raida.
or lp mp lk on block and then attemp on mixup or wait

probably stupid question but how do you chain cancel to cr lp from cr lk.Im only able to link it on ch and pressing lp after lk doesnt seem to do anything like chaining


You can only chain cr.lk to cr. lp not the opposite.


After raida L, if you do a perfectly timed dash forward cr.lk, you can link to s.lk, raida L or kazekiri haha no counterhit required

I wonder why Xian doesnt do this, i confirm it pretty consistently and xian has better execution than me.


hm ill try again im doing cr lk into cr lp.
Also st mk into st mp is a 1l f correct?


oops yeah i read your first post wrong but you were probably pressing the buttons too slow.

For the link your talking about, I think so but 1 frame links don’t really matter in this game due to the input buffer. If they aren’t linking then you might be pressing the button to late.


I see no wonder im getting the link right all the time,compared to sf IV where 1 link frames where very hard.
What does the input buffer mean that you have more frames to get it right?


pretty much



I’m gonna call this mixup the “Serp”. (Hope it is new).


Wait are you talking about the kunai at the end cause xian was doing that


No the cr.lk, s.lk after the target combo. It is perfect for a crossup


well (j mk) s mk s mp xx dp/ex kunai is my goto combo now thanks :slight_smile:
can go into vtc as well.
on block j mk s mk is +0 so i can mixup after that,most people seem to think im -3f or more after that.getting alot of ch after that.

the other thing i noticed is that they go for jump lp mk after ex kunai now for mixups and dont use raida that much anymore.
with lk command sprint and speed pressing lp mk you can either be left or right.


has Majorboy dropped her?


i have question about this
ex kunai then tc lp mk
i know you need to delay the mk to go under them on other side but do you need to do something else as well?
cant seem to get it right most of the times


Yea, it’s a bit hard for me as well.

On another note, I haven’t seen anyone do this at all, but if it’s already known let me know.

After a CC f.hk, ex lp+hp kunai, in to what ever. All I ever see is CC f.hk, dp…
Why not use one ex bar to get more mix ups and damage?


Sorry for the bad quality


I doubt it. I think he just wants to crack out Kolin for a while. He’s a master of setups so Kolin gives him something new to mess with.


Any help with this combo? I can’t seem to go under them after the TC in the air no matter how many times I try. I’m not even sure what I’m doing wrong to fix it. What’s the tricky part? The TC?


this helped me
the first lp hit and timing mk is key
i can,t do it 100% and i like the raida mixups.