"I'll never cut corners in my practice!" Ibuki Notes, Tech and Q&A thread



Thank you very much. I’ll jump back in and try again.


Looking forward to seeing what you guys can come up with



np :slight_smile:
i find it hard to do in online matches.
so i mix that and raida mixups

some more info, i divided the setup in 3 steps and i have it pretty much down.

1 do the command dash when you hear Ibuki shout(or when explosive kunai passes char)
2 press lp when you see Ibuki is airborn and then delay mk a bit
!!this was my issue press double forward instantly after mk press!! for me i was doing it too late.Fwd dash comes out soonest when i do it like this.


How weird is this arround 1:05
I do a crossover and for the mk im landing on the other side?

Also if you have spare time please give me some feedback :slight_smile:
I know i should be rising quicker after combo string
Less throws
Missed conversions
More AA

im really rusty after 6 year break and only playing about 1 month now ±


Still not 100% and I still get caught off guard sometimes on which side I end up, but I have made some progress. Thank you for the tips, they really helped.


no problem :slight_smile:
yeah sometimes i dont know either which side ill be on online with lag.
My lp raida setups most people now just block and take the throw.


How is it possible you can do ch s mk s mk lk dp?
hitstun link


You can use HK dp since it has more range and damage also.

Just wait until she almost retracts her foot after the second s.MK then input the HK dp to link


i see thanks :slight_smile:


Her new costume is so redundant… people asked for her nostalgia one and they give us another school uniform smh


True, of all things to announce during E3 week, it’s more school outfits and not even good ones. Ibuki’s outfit is just a winter version of her default and Mika’s is pretty lazy compared to most of the other outfits in the game. Can’t really say much about Nash’s since we don’t get a good view of it.


dint know if this known or not but
cr mk bomb cr mp ex kunai command jump tc lp mk is a new setup i use :slight_smile:


Wdyt of this mod?



@mykka this thread is strictly for tech and strats. Keep the casual and aesthetic stuff in the main thread. Thank you


@“DevilJin 01” Oops, didnt realize it was the wrong thread.

But its not like tech is being discussed anymore. Or anything at all :lol:


They need to give Ibuki more serious plotlines than “boyz omgz!!!”, her popularity is there, now just give her something to do and a purpose. But that’s something to discuss in the Ibuki forum so I’m gonna quote it there too.


Is it possible to buffer from st lk, im guessing not?
How are they doing it just guestimate if it will hit or not and buffer through?


You can buffer light kazegiri by making use of negative edge.


could you explain how? :slight_smile: press and hold lk dp release lk
will it come out if lk whiffs?


Hey guys, I’m trying out Ibuki and I’m wondering what y’all are using for your s.LP punish combo?

In my day or so of labbing her, it seems like hit-confirming s.LP, s.MP, s.HP xx HK Kazekiri is the way to go if the s.LP hits, and doing s.LP, s.MP, s.LK if the s.LP is blocked.

Also, do you guys any tips for a beginner?

Right now I’m trying to focus more on her neutral game - mostly using F+HK (go into HK or EX Kazekiri if it CC’s), s.HK (same as F+HK), s.MK (go into s.MP xx HK Kazekiri if it hits) and c.MP (and going into Raida if it hits)… I’m not trying to learn her EX Kunai and V-Trigger setups just yet, as I want to feel comfortable with her meterless game first.

Also, for Raida, the LP version seems to have the best oki setups, and it doesn’t do too much less damage than the HP version, so I’ve been pretty much only doing the LP version unless I want more space (if I’m in the corner or need to reload kunais).

For AA’s I’ve been doing s.HK for far jump-ins, B+MP for close front jump-ins (I’m working on cancelling into LK Kasumigake xx Raida but am having difficulties), and air-throws or maybe LK Kasumigake for cross-up attempts.

Thanks in advance.