"I'll never cut corners in my practice!" Ibuki Notes, Tech and Q&A thread



You pretty much got the right idea for a quick punish off of a light confirm, though I personally like to end the target combo with Light Raida since it robs the opponent of their back recovery, which is great for meaty setups.

Not knowing the EX.kunai setups is fine for now, but a good starting point is to learn the combos you can do from it, also just using it on block is very good since your left plus enough to dash up and continue your pressure.

Standing Light kick is a very important normal due to its range. Basically one of your main counterpoking tool in the neutral and is another quick punish option since you can cancel into Raida and Kazekiri.

Forward Heavy Kick is good to use in the neutral too since it has goes airborne, so it can avoid most low hitting moves and it also has a bit of projectile invincibility so it can avoid projectiles

Fun fact about her overhead, if you hit it after her Mp-Frd.Mk target combo it has more hit advantage than just using regular overhead, so you combo into her St.Mk-Cr.Hk target combo for a knockdown setup.

I’m sure there’s more I missed, but I just wanted to give you few things to play with

Edit: Here a helpful video to get you started. Tried to find one that went over how Ibuki is in Season 2.5 since she’s very different from her Season 1 version


That’s amazing! Thank you @Nhazul4769! A lot of great tips in there for me to build on and a lot of things I wouldn’t have known otherwise. I really appreciate it. I’m looking forward to checking out the video as well.


Bug fix



Hey guys, what are you using Ibuki’s V-Skill for?

I know it nullifies single hit projects and it seem so like it can be okay for whiff punishes, if you know she will dodge the attack as she reels back in the startup, but other than that I can’t find too many uses for it. Thanks.


i use it after they stagger or hit 2 normals in blocked combo.
to whiff punish.
in vt2 combos also


Some examples for in combo use. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxtURnRKg00


Hanamichi’s new mid screen EX kunai 50/50 vid



Is the original post updated for season 3.5? If not, where can I go to get information for the current iteration of Ibuki? Looking for strategy and her most used links / BNB combos. Thank you, in advance, for all help


Hi,friends Video shows ibuki’s maximum damage and stun porential in Sfv with raw bomb combo and punishes, like anti air,anti fireball,dp,ca punishes etc. Like 639 dmg dp punish and she can kill (Akuma,Cammy,Karin) after mk>lk>raida+Hp BnB in to Dp bait and much more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHr1F5UCm8U



Okay so like,

When I do this in the current edition Ken is flying towards me instead of away after the LP + HP EX kunai, xx VSkill (second bomb), dash forward, juggle with f + HK, then qcf + MK for ground crossup

Which is okay, I guess

I can still combo off that but it’s not the same as it is in the video and I’m wondering why

Is that setup like, a really space sensitive case or is it working differently because of something else like a change to the game?

Yeah… I know

I should totally see about how to record HDMI for these types of posts


Just wondering, what the actual hell is the point of ibuki’s Shakunage target combo, c.mp xx f.hk. i see no addition with plus frames and you cant really get anything off, for right now i can see it as an something to finish a block string


It setup good spacing for bomb 50 50s after vtc in s1 and 2. In S3 they nerfed bomb trigger into the ground so no real use for it now. I believe the frame advantage on hit got slightly buffed in S3, but there’s effectively no reason to use it now.