"I'll never cut corners in my practice!" Ibuki Notes, Tech and Q&A thread



Yeah I really don’t like the HK command dash set up. Blowing a kunai just isn’t worth it. Especially when sometimes you have to blow ANOTHER kunai after you land the bomb reset to add damage to the following juggle.

It’s the easiest as far as execution goes, but you’re wasting too much resource especially when on average you’re not going to have the bombs until you’ve spent some of the kunais.


It’s a practicality thing. I spent entire days trying to get the lk dash, ex kunai juggle down but just couldn’t get it at a consistent rate. HK command dash setup gives me a 100% success rate on the ex kunai juggle. I will trade a kunai for a 100% guaranteed juggle any day. I preemptively allocate kunais for different tasks before the game starts so it’s not an issue for me at least.


Yeah it’s a consistency issue with me, I just need to put some time into it. At first I dropped it a lot in matches so I started going with the extra kunai version. Besides, I haven’t had too much issue with kunai resource. And usually when I’m low, I’ll just use a different vtrigger setup.

Funny enough, doing the lpmplk tc vtc, c.hp xx kazegiri, I’m consistent with the lk cmd dash follow up there.

I’m assuming if you do delay it, you will get hit by a DP if they do it.

Also your vid isn’t working anymore. Usually the problem lies with not fwd dashing right after ex kunai xx bomb, or you’re canceling into bomb after ex kunai too slow.


I’ve been practicing the lk dash version and while I can get the back.mp to connect more consistently I ran into another issue: Sometimes I can’t stay on the same side no matter how much I walk back.

here’s a video of me trying to stay on the same side, any idea what I’m doing wrong?


Oh yeah that was the other issue I ran into too and why I switched to the extra kunai version. If you throw the ex kunai too late, the opponent will be too low so you always end up on the other side.

Maybe mk.kazegiri will solve the issue?


I guess for now I’ll try using this extra kunai method vs Chun and maybe certain dp characters as it gives them less options to mash out. Just have to more careful with the kunai management in those matches. Ill play with it until an alternative is found.


So yall want to be able to mixup and not get hit by reversals without blocking?


I must say I’ve had less luck with your modified sako setup than the regular one. People tend to block it more regularly. I manage to get a hit about 50% of the time as opposed to 90% with the regular sako setup.

I never seem to know if I should stay on the same side or go for the crossup bomb, because we either have the people who react too slowly to see my fake crossup, making same side bomb obsolete or we have the people that instantly block crossup because they see a command dash. It’s about 50/50 what kind of player you will get. I even asked a person I played against what their thought process was when they blocked the setup and they answered “I have no idea what happened, I just held back on my stick and got a lucky block I guess”.

With the original sako setup, it felt like everyone was on the same boat. Unless you knew the setup or unless you mashed dp, everyone would get hit by it because it’s unreactable. With your version, the opponent has time to see that something is happening, they have time to actively guess which side to block, drastically decreasing the success-rate of the setup (this might change when people get more familiar with the Ibuki MU).


Okay, I’ve come to the conclusion that this setup might be blockable on reaction, and not at all a true 50/50 like some people say. I tested it on my friend about 6-8 times and he blocked all of them. Every single one. It’s also worth mentioning that I’ve never done these setups on him previously, and when I asked him he said that they were pretty obvious and easy to block, and I very much agree with him, they don’t seem that ambiguous at all. Here are some samples of me doing the setup:

So unless I’m doing something wrong (I hope I am, please tell me if I am), this setup feels deprecated and I’m not going to use them much.


Idk, works for me. I’ve had a lot of success with it.


@Em-Man one thing I noticed when watching you do these mixups is you are hitting him with b.mp very high in his arc, which in some cases is good because it gives you more control over what you do next, but it also allows him more time to see the mixup. When I do this setup, I use lk command dash instead of regular dash before hitting b.mp which hits them lower in the arc and then I either delay my next command dash to stay same side or do it immediately to have the bomb cross up. It seems to work fairly well as it is harder for them to see what I am doing before they hit the ground. This also leaves less time between them hitting the ground and the bomb going off so if timed well this will stop them from throwing me.


Interesting, can you still block reversals using this method?
I’ll try it out, thanks.


As long as you time it well you can block a reversal on a read. If you go for the delayed dash though and they reversal you will get hit.


Not sure if this setup has been seen or if it’s even useful but I’ve been using it to some success. Playing on people wanting to punish reload.


I recorded the dummy Ibuki doing the setup to show that it’s the same inputs each time. Safe against invincible reversals, and wake up buttons. If they stay on the ground, they get comboed. If they wake up blocking, it’s your turn.

When people see kunai reload in their face, they like to try to punish, so it’s useful as a baiting tool.


No one wakes up with buttons when the bomb is out. If you want to be successful with this you gotta do some kind of 50-50 on wakeup that open up the other player.


Yeah, I feel like a smart player would always hold the bomb, and it’s way more worth to threaten a situation that could hit, then press advantage when they block.


You actually can stick out a crouching lk before the bomb goes off. If they do press buttons, they’ll beat you, but they’ll Itrade with the bomb. If they aren’t blocking low, it’ll catch them. You can also just not reload and either time it or frame kill it so f.mk hits when the bomb goes off.

Or continue the combo and go for damage. After air kunai release, ex raida, bomb explosion, raida. Or ex raida, bomb explosion, vskill, 2nd bomb for setup.


Hi. I just got the game about 3 weeks back and decided to main ibuki as i did in SFIV. I managed to climb to gold but have been losing games consistently and now im back at Silver D: Is it okay if you guys watch my replays and gimme some tips for ibuki?? Im not quite sure what i am during wrong… ID: NAWTDABEEZ



@NAWTDABEEZ I’ll look you up soon

After looking over some footage I see you have some things to work on. Firstly you almost never use f+HK or V Skill. Those are Ibuki’s main neutral tools and without those you basically are screwing yourself out of wining a lot of matches. Use both of those a lot more. Use the uncharged V Skill to stuff pokes and used the charged one when you know they will block and build V Gauge off that.

Your anti airs were pretty off too. You were using b+MP against far jumps and s.HK against close jumps. If you put it in reverse you’ll have better success. Use b+MP when people jump closer and use s.HK when people jump from further away. Other than that just work on your confirms. You seem to drop the follow ups after your target combos a lot. If you hit with them have those follow ups ready.


@“DevilJin 01” Thanks! I tried using v-skill more often now and managed to climb back to gold yaass. #roadtoplatinum