"I'll never cut corners in my practice!" Ibuki Notes, Tech and Q&A thread



Small extension for common post stun combo when you already spent your main v-trigger. Your second bomb doesnt add any scaling to post-stun combo. Obviously useless for all the people who use sako setup and 2 bombs in a row but i never had execution for those so its helpful


Requires 0-2 bar mid-screen since you have to dash forward opponent to the corner to reduce meter usage. Depending how close you can go it goes from 0 ex-raidas to two.
0 bars in corner, you can also combo into super or replace super with second HP raida.
You do back vtrigger before jump-in. That combo did whooping 564 dmg. Thats 100 more than just j.hp-hp-release-super.
0 bar combo with 2 raidas does 437. So if you dont need that extra 130dmg you can save 3 bars and go to next round with full meter.

2 Raida + release. no meter near corner version - https://gfycat.com/DecentRealGiantschnauzer
If you dont want to screw up and have 2 bars - https://gfycat.com/MeekYearlyHound
you can do raw 2 raidas midscreen with 0 bars without release but it requires special timing and does 60 less dmg. you have to wait 1.5 seconds before doing j.hp-cr.hp-lp.raida-mk dash-hp raida. https://gfycat.com/BogusPleasingIndianpangolin


Sort of a simple tech question to make sure I’m on the right track…

So none of ibuki’s dashes are “real” but I see players using them constantly. I assume that’s because you put the fear of eating a combo by switching up frame traps and dashes, which is why you see if pretty often on things like blocked st.mp?

I suppose it’s the same with cr.mp too - throw out the foward hk target combo now and again to keep people honest if they try a preemptive dash punish? Mix in some throws then as well to prevent turtling?

I think I rely too heavily on the frame traps and people just end up down backing me for ages, and so I was curious if I was on the right track here for opening up people with Ibuki’s offense.


technically its gimmicks. but gimmicks in online are hard to react to. its no good to rely on gimmicks all the time but its also no good to never ever use them. everything is viable when its the right time and place.
knowing ALL your options and knowing how to use them correctly is the key.

just remember rock-paper-scissors of sfv:
if they mash you frametrap
if they block you throw.
if they tech you shimmy.


Hm, so if you were playing offline you’d would you dial down on the dashes (and perhaps overheads too?)


i rarely use dashes even online. think of dashes as Ken run. It shouldnt work too but sometimes it does.
but yeah, any decent player will blow you up if you start abusing dashes


Those videos in the 1st podt still good for a new Ibuki?


Yeah still good. She should work mostly the same with just buffs as long as they didn’t kill her standing resets and bomb 50 50 stuff.


Is Ibuki good yet?


She’s not bad!


Better than Gief and Fang.


only as good as you are


I didn’t see a Beginners thread so im posting this here. I’ve picked up Ibuki and I wanted to know a couple of things.

  1. Have her combo’s from S1 changed much in S2? Can I still use the combos in the combo thread?
  2. Does it matter which punch button I use for kunai in a combo? eg TC xx kunai , VTC …

I just need to learn a few combos so I can start grinding out matches and getting a proper feel for her.



You can use most of them. The only real new bnb you’ll have to worry about for now is s.MK, s.MP, EX kunai but that has to be done from closer range any way.

Counter hit light attacks into s.MK combos no longer work, but just about everything else can still be done.

Doesn’t really matter which punch button you use AFAIK.


I was doing some practice with the s.mk, s.mp combo last night. Didn’t have any troubles with it apart from using it after V-trigger cancel. Need to lab it more to find out where im going wrong.

I’ll stick to an easier V-trigger cancel for the moment I think.


Could someone explain how this is occurring? I have never been able to mimic this a second time.


I toyed with this for 5 mins, basically:
do the command dash as late as possible (but like be able to hit with the target combo of course)
hit the target as soon as posible
do the st.HP kinda far away from the opponent
walk towards the corner after the targer combo (meaby you don’t really have to,but it seems to help)
Works for me,pretty “consistent”,but the spacing on the HP is kind of bitchy,also only works if the opponent doesn’t backrolls

Some meaty setups for season 2 (kind of proof of concept,needs more testing and polishing,but very promising stuff)
After LP Raida (and HP and EX in the corner):
If you CAN react to your st.MK outcome:
If they quickrise:
dash,st.MK (if hits crouching), st.MP xx LP Raida

dash,st.MK (if hits standing), st.LK xx LP Raida (also works crouching,but you’ll lose damage compared to the other one)

dash,cr.LK, st.LK xx LP Raida

dash,KaraThrow (or wait 1 frame and throw) (like in season 1,this doesn’t work on everybody)

if they don’t quickrise:
dash, st.MK, f.HK, st.MP (hits meaty,+6 ,on hit +4 on block,can link st.MK Target Combo or st.MP xx LP Raida, can also do dash,st.MK, cr.MP, dash instead)

dash,st.MK,st.LP,MK Command Dash, (st.MP/st.MK,st.LK xx LP Raida)//(st.MK, st.MP xx Kuani xx bomb xx death)//(cr.LK,st.LK xx LP Raida)//(Karathrow) (can also change the st.LP for a cr.LP or cr.LK to be +4 instead of +5 and,at the loss of the low confirm,and being able to do a regular throw instead of karathrow) (changes sides)

dash,st.MK,st.LK,LK Command Dash, (like before,you’re +5,you can change the st.LK for a dash to be +4,if you want to do this I advice to do st.MK, LK Command Dash,dash so you don’t get a DP by accident);

If you can’t react to wiffing the st.MK beacuse the opponent didn’t get up on time or can’t react to the state of the opponent if you hit them you should just stick to st.MK, st.LK and the last setup,it’s still good enough tbh.

after forward throw midscreen:
if they quickrise:
f.HK, pray for a slow button on wakeup

if they don’t quickrise:
f.HK, LK Command Dash, st.MP, st.MP xx LP Raida
f.HK, LK Command Dash, wait 3 frames, throw (can’t find any frame kill for a throw,MK Command Dash istead of the light one works on corner,but not midscreen,and you’ll be the one in the corner after that)

after backthrow midscreen:
if they quickrise:
dash,cr.MP (with the cr.MP buff it reaches everyone,I think, and you’re +4 after the dash,so pretty good,if you’re godlike and can react to the cr.MP hitting you can do a LP Raida o hit or Kuani/command dash/nothing on block)

if they don’t quickrise:
dash,cr.MP,cr.MP,dash,st.MP (you’re +6 on hit, +4 on block)
dash,cr.MP,LK Command Dash,dash, throw

basically,if you can react to stuff fast, ibuki’s knockdown pressure if godlike


Ahhhh I gotcha, very informative, seems like something to pull out every once in a while if you have the read on wake-up.


I need some help with this setup/combo. I’m trying to do the one majorboy does alot it’s stuff x ex kunai, H cmd dash, HP>HK, Fwd HK, jump kunai and your supposed to get the cross up. For the life of me i can’t figure out how to make it cross up, ive tried diff chars and diff timing’s on air TC and i can’t get it. Anyone know?


That doesn’t work anymore because of the nerf to f.HK’s recovery on whiff,still I always thought that that setup was trash anyway,it required the oponent to not tech and if they did tech or backroll you’d lose all the momentum, it’s better just to do raida or do LK comand dash, b.MP,dash, that way you’re +6 or so and can get a double st.MP combo, and if you were close enough to the opponent you’d cross under them


Which way am I supposed to block? High, Low, Back, Forward?

Situation: jump forward kunai, then cross lk i’m guessing into combo. The kunai opens me up for a crossup.

Which direction do you block this fking thing?
Is it the kunai or the lk??