"I'll never cut corners in my practice!" Ibuki Notes, Tech and Q&A thread



Well… as suspected, the ibuki changes were nice but doesnt solve her main problems. I have been playing her and she still gets bodied in neutral game by fang and the other footsies guys. All this “ibuki is top tier now” talk is nonsense. The only real buff she got was cr.mp reaching for raida at any distance on hit and an apparent upgrade of cr.mp hitbox but very very slight. Everything else is an upgrade to her previous toolset but doesnt solve anything in neutral game. If anything i would say she was nerfed due to vreversal sucking now, which was her most important get in tool in S1. More health? She still not getting in consistently or winning button fights so that health and the meter used to refill kunais goes to the trash if she simply cannot compete in neutral game. Slightly more damage out of some particular confirms? She still not getting in to get that damage.


She should beat Fang now. Fang isn’t a good character and didn’t get any real buffs that would help him vs Ibuki (other than V Reversal recovering faster). Which doesn’t work for him because his only real heavy buff was his V Trigger cancel tools so he’ll just have to V Reversal more often as she gets close. Fang’s normals don’t lead to enough damage or are generally good enough for Ibuki to really worry about. Especially with more kunais to stuff his poke attempts and a better EX Raida. Fang has good buttons, but his walk speed is too slow to have good footsies. She should be able to tear him up even faster when she does get in and got more counter poke and zone options vs him.

Same problem Bison has. He only has good footsies in theory, but in practice without any walk speed he more so just has to counter poke and catch you in a bad spot.

The only issues players like Majorboy and Isa could have had are mostly removed now (running out of kunais, slow jump, EX raida not being frame 1 projectile invincible) . They should be tearing up the ranks further and if those guys start going to tourneys more often you’ll see them do work. Ibuki only doesn’t have better buttons for the same reason Gief doesn’t have a fireball or Vega doesn’t have anything fully invincible. They’re all just balance checks to keep them from getting out of hand and their play style is meant to overcome those issues.


No. She still doesnt beat fang.


Ill have to agree to disagree.


@serpentaurus you should elaborate why you think she doesn’t beat fang.


Normals and even though the ex raida activates 1-9 frames now it is still a prediction tool, if you dont use it accordingly, Ibuki eats a fat punish as it is unsafe on block. And normals, Ibuki simply cannot penetrate his defense consistently it is too good, and it was not changed noticeably from S1 to S2; and Fang escape move was enhanced to S1 nash levels; yes i know Ibuki can punish with Kunai that vreversal but thats back to neutral anyway where Ibuki gets demolished. Fang antiairs are wayyyyyy too good, they cover everything he needs. The matchup should be more playable now, if the Ibuki player is on point, but i wouldnt go for it in tournaments.


This is anecdotal but I don’t think his defense is that hard to break and he has less options than most the cast other than his v reversal. His fireball isn’t really harder to navigate around than somebody like guile, that’s why you have ex air kunai.


This board has been silent for a few days. What happened guys.

Merry christmas ibuki community! Thankyou for bearing with me all year xD


Not much. Just been going over videos and plan to possibly do one on the changes myself. I’ll be updating the video thread with a lot of online top player vids and file them by player so it’s easy to find favorite Ibuki players and watch.


So what is the best thing to do after a successful vreversal now that M command dash is not possible?


after a dash you’re +0 if done from point blank,so I’d say just play neutral,if you do it in corner you can get a meaty st.MP or throw by walking forward and timing it,but that’s about it I think


Yeah V Reversals are about just getting space now. They’re not about setups anymore. Ibuki’s V Reversal got a hit box buff so now it’ll hit from further away. Meaning your ratio for actually landing the V Reversal or getting them to block it goes up. Won’t have as many situations where it whiffs and then you most likely take a punish.


Howdy. Just started playing 5 after taking a long break from the “death” of 4.

I’m getting the hang of her neutral game and how challenging it can be, and now want to start learning her V-Trigger to help me close out some rounds quicker, cause as of now I’m just winning off fundamentals carried over from other games and often have full V-Trigger at the end of every round.

Does anyone mind giving me a really simple V-Trigger combo to learn without too much reset nonsense? Maybe just a basic combo extension and a simple setup for the 2nd bomb?
I want to get the hang of using it first before I start attempting some of the crazy mixups I see in online videos.

Thanks in advance. Also sorry for posting here, I didn’t see a beginner thread and I know S2 just came out so I’m unsure if any of the other videos I may have seen are even still relevant.


You sure we are 0 after the dash? What about backward recovery? This gotta be covered soon guys, her vreversal was her best tool in S1 and we need to work on covering the hole the nerf left somehow. Im worried about the Laura matchup mainly because of this nerf.


Im just gonna get my space and play neutral. The fact that it lands more consistently on hit or block works for me. Having it whiff led to a lot more problems.

@donnie just do c.mp/s.mp/s.hp cancel into kunai (any one), then vtc into s.hp and cancel into hk kazekiri/dp. Then you can dash up and lp raida and dash again after knockdown for meaty with s.lp or s.mp.

As you’re still holding onto the second bomb you can do c.mp, ex kunai (lp+mp or lp+hp) depending on range, immediately dash forward, lp raida, bomb juggles, mk command dash, lp raida juggle


just look of the sako combo into the reset, I feel it’s pretty essential cause its her “main” mixup in v trigger but other than that if you want a combo after you do st.hp into light dp do medium dash b.mp just the first hit then light dash into raida. after the light dash you switch sides though so you have to do raida in the opposite direction.


Yeah,after a dash you’re +0 and of course,if they back recover you’ll be +5,there’s nothing we can really do about it,we go back to neutral,which we win in the Laura matchup,I don’t really see much trouble with that nerf


DaFeetLee made a season 2 oki blog.


So basically no setplay after vreversal according to dafeet. Damn!


The vreversal was super important in laura matchup cause it would reverse the momentum and she is weak to such tactics