"I'll never cut corners in my practice!" Ibuki Notes, Tech and Q&A thread



And now instead of reversing the momentum you just stop it and go back to neutral,which Ibuki wins


No one gets anything off of v reversal now


Lol yeah Ken and Chun li does… Ken is even plus after his vreversal… don’t know who else.


The fact that other characters vreversals were nerfed is not an excuse to nerf ibuki, most of those chars had a busted moveset anyway. Taking away Ibuki safest way to get in is definitely a strong nerf and we all should aknowledge it. Saying “we back to neutral now, meh we beat laura in neutral anyway” is among the most obnoxious things i have read in srk forums. A nerf is a nerf and this one was severe.

Thankfully we still have the pressure with vreversal when ibuki has them in the corner but this move feels so incomplete now.

The best option i found involves kunais and meter usage…


Hey guys, I was running an ibuki mirror and saw (overhead, MK 2HK HK). Did you guys know that was a thing, and I’m thinking it’s a 1frame CH combo. Do any of you know or am I missing something?

I’m asking because I went to try and replicate it (I didn’t know that was a combo Ibuki had) and I couldn’t.


That’s her target combo, knee stmk has comboed into over head since season 2. It’s not a 1 frame link


You are absolutely 100% correct. Much appreciated.


Sure it’s a nerf, but i agree with it. I think vreversal should just be a “get off me” move. Not a “LOL you were all over me but now i’m plus so eat my pressure/meaties” move. Ibuki has comeback potential through the bombs already. Her walk speed, long range cr.mp buffered into light raida (into forward dash leaves you like +4 for st.mk/mixup meaties), etc are decent enough options to open someone up without vreversal being needed to put her into a plus situation. I can’t see why Ken and Chun need it either but i digress…


The trick is that the target combo s.mp, f.mk allows for a s.mk after f.mk hits. But the regular overhead doesnt. It only allows for a s.lp link. Hitting anyone with those overheads is a challenge though. They are too slow.


Ken is so dependent on V Trigger any ways that most Kens even in Season one barely ever used V Reversals. If you looked at the last few tournaments Momochi was in he rarely ever V Reversaled. It’s nice that you’re plus, but you don’t really get a knockdown which is ideal vs characters like Laura and Mika any way. Ken can’t build his V Gauge the way Ibuki or Necalli can with a relatively safe, high priority V Skill. He’s mostly reliant on crush counters or taking damage so he can’t really afford to go blowing V Reversals. Especially now that they no longer reduce your stun if blocked.

Chun’s V Trigger timer got nerfed pretty good and she definitely no longer has what anyone would consider the stronger offenses in the game so not a big deal.


Question, st.lkxx MK dash on block avoids normals all together… I tried cr.mpxxmk dash and I got hit, st.mpxxmk dash I got it. Was this always the case…


Hmmm not sure. Ill have to test myself


Was in the lab and testing on different characters (guard all, counter hit off) have them react with jab firstly, then medium buttons. And the buttons completely whiff. Trying to cancel it off of the other buttons and I’m getting hit everytime.

Playing against a friend now and for nothing he won’t block st.lkxx MK dash lmh target combo, or st.MK - st.mp. Or even try to hit me out the dash…

Edit- it’s working with st.lp as well… is there some setting i have messed up, because she should be getting hit after the mk dash.


It’s nothing complicated. It’s just her jabs space her far enough away that if you mash a button after s.LK or s.LP into dash you’ll end up throwing a button behind her since the she is technically still in front of you according to the game. Even though she’s visually behind the game just hasn’t registered her being behind you yet. It just catches the opponent at a frame where they can’t turn around yet due to the spacing and how fast the dash is.

All you have to do is just slightly delay when you hit the button and you’ll turn around and hit her. Don’t mash basically.


You guys read LPN tier list? He ranks ibuki in the last bunch of characters, along with what he considers the weakest of the game despite her S2 buffs. Any opinions regarding this early tier list?


He has characters that should effectively be low mid or low tier in the top tier, so it’s not worth looking at.


I think his tier list has a lot of questionable things on it.


So, now S2 has been out a couple weeks has ibuki changed in any noticeable way from S1? Like have any matchups/meatys/frametraps/setups changed? Haven’t really had time in the lab with her yet but noticed a few things:

  1. After s.mk TC -> mk command dash, meaty s.mp to s.mk is now essentially a 1-frame link. This was always my go-to and now doesn’t feel worth it due to consistency. Is there any new situations that stem from her faster dash/jump? I’ve been having ideas about jump forward kunai release, but haven’t got to testing
  2. With the new EX refill is kunai release actually viable now in situations where you won’t get the kill?
  3. Any good uses for mp raida now?
  4. Meatys after lp raida? With the change in active frames to cr.lp it seems like it would be ideal to start pressure with now but again, haven’t had the time to check. How is s.mk up close?
  5. Can you actually stop ken from jumping in now? If so, with what aa?
    6.Have any matchups changed? In particular, how is vega/fang/akuma.
  6. Uses for glide?

Feel free to any anything else worth of note :slight_smile:


Vega vs Ibuki sucks for Ibuki, still.


If you do hk.dp in the corner and they back tech you can dash forward and do cr.hp. It hits meaty and on the last frame so you can link st.mp into it.