ill play


Gratz on your win yesterday. Anyway, I’ve arranged for us to play at WCWZ this weekend, most likely Saturday evening (the 15th). First to 15, no coaching. Are you still interested?


What was the score between him and blackjuan?

Oh my…

so after talking to both parties im sure this will be worked out and i will gladly escrow for both sides so there is no problem with anyone paying or getting paid. at the moment hevad is backing up to 15k on neo so if anyone wants to bet on clock im sure it will be covered. hope this event gets mad hype and it will be a sick fight. gl to both guys and lets get it on!

. . .holy shit



Coaching allowed. C’mon man its high stakes marvel, there has always been coaching allowed on the big matches.


Since you left out the contraction, and wrote “ill” instead of “I’ll”, the title is extra dope.


i was over there…

         but now I'm over here!

Dogface for commentator plz !

so just an update. hevad is not backing neo for any set amount yet and i guess i jumped the gun by posting. but if people here want to start discussing amounts they would like to wager so we can gauge the situation that would be nice. just want to hype up the already sick event known at WEST COAST WARZONE baby!

200 on clock

so this is unofficial wagering? I’d like to put 150-200 on Neo

Yo ill take $500 on neo

15-8 Neo

100 on clock <3

Let’s go Clock!!


First and foremost, thank you for the making of this thread and for responding.
I am definitely interested in the match. I think it has lots of hype and lots of people wanting to see it.

However, I have to suggest some details given some circumstances that have come up. I have received some very important news regarding my applications for Law schools. Aside from a seminar that is part of my preparation for the upcoming LSAT, I also have a couple of interviews with alumni as part of the applications in the upcoming weeks. Although I <3 marvel hype, competition and matches the likes of these, school is a much greater priority than marvel. I?m sure you understand this yourself granted that you have explained to me that you have a busy schedule yourself. Although this seminar and these interviews are not ?absolutely necessary? for the purposes of my application, they are very beneficial to the process. I?m sure you understand this as you are a part of academia yourself. I cannot bypass these.

The best I could now say is that I could try my absolute best to be there on Sunday since I might be in Socal that day (and that?s a very big if), but I would never place a match with its possible financial stakes, with a big amount of the community showing up and the all the hype put into it on a ?MAYBE.? When we do play, I think we both agree that it should be a solidified, anticipated date.

I suggest for both of us to try to work out a date in late February or early March. Here are the dates I suggest: February 27th or the following week, March 6. I am willing to travel to Socal to a location you are comfortable with, but also one which I assume could accommodate what I would imagine could be a considerably large crowd. I suggest FFA since it is easy to set up a console there and has good space (I?m sure both of us don?t even contemplate the possibility of playing this on arcade) , but again, I am willing to go where it is convenient for you.

Shoutouts to Mike Watson: thank you for your contribution in making this match happen, and thank you for the contributions you have made to the community in general. Dogface, same to you. Looking forward to seeing you there and would like to formally ask you to be one of the commentators for this match. That would be great. Also to everybody posting or taking part of this match in one way or another. Shoutouts to shoutouts.

Looking forward to hearing from you Clock. Thank you sir.