"I'll rip you apart!" Kazuya Mishima Video Thread



Here is a quick and basic bnb I was playing around with.



Poongko plays Kazuya:





Yeah I’ve been checking out videos of Poongko’s Kaz as much as I can, he’s absolutely crazy!


wtf poongko killed w/ 2 combos w/ kazuya… thats crazy


Holy crap. DAT WAVE DASH


pretty basic from poongko. any good vids out?


A trick for tag cancelling his Rising Sun. Don’t know if it’s been found yet but…

Edit: Here are some followup vids that make the technique more practical and universal.


Just some casual matches, feel free to critique either player



nice combo video/ Kazuya tutorial
I diidn’t create it


true ewgf combo unfortunely i only got 3 ewgf and one ex wgf but a ewgf after st. mp is possiable [media=youtube]EhbH2GwX3EM[/media]


Is 468 the most damage you can get in the corner without meter? I tried a bunch of stuff and this was the most I could reach. Going to keep searching though.
EDIT: Nevermind. Just realized that if you just do cr.HP instead of cr.MP>cr.HP you get 476



A quick video i made


The Main Man doing his thing:



heres another one this one has some better combos!


you know youre a legit mishima player when you realize all of Kaz’s EWGF were all done on 2p side lololol


my 2p ewgfs are much more consistent than my 1p ewgfs. is this a tekken thing tho? i don’t play tekken.


Agreed. I practice p1 side 3x more than p2 cos it’s just much easier for me on p2. On p1 I can barely get WGF unless I completely slow down the motion ;_;



Hopefully I can implement all of this (besides the last part lulululul) in matches


I hate the word “swag” Hope it dies out again.