Ill take 2...its been a while

ill take 2 requests…its been a while since the last time i took some…and i shouldnt have…cuz i was so horriable…lol


  1. no whoring
  2. no animations
  3. nothing crazy (example: making akuma a D.J. at some party)
  4. no banners or wallpapers
  5. ill make tags…but nothin bigger than 500x135 (my usualy size is 400x64):stuck_out_tongue:

thats all

come on ppl:(

yo check ur pm’s

ok…i did

now u check yours:D

someone plz:(

Something with Wesker (from RE series). Decent bluish (not light) background (large face of Wesker as a part of it, see below) using your PS skills (brushing, blur, etc, etc). Small VX in the top left corner, Wesker on the bottom right corner. Tech it if you’re able to.

For Wesker pic:
Pic on the right. Use large face as part of the background. Smaller pic in front of large face as the color pic on the left side of the AV.

Thanks in advance and can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Nm, I’ll just make my own…thanks.

Can you make me a xenosaga.gears AV?


This pic and the attachment.

Billy pic

after that, do what you want. Thanks in advance if you take up my request.

alright…ill be finished tonigh

here ya go bro…i hope ya like it…the image on the left had crapy quality so it was hard to get it in there…but i tried