I'll take a few requests.

If you want something made come here and let me know. I’ll tell you if I will do it or not. It doesn’t have to be an avatar, it can be pretty much any kind of graphic. I hold the right to not do any project I don’t take interest in, so don’t get your feelings hurt if I don’t choose yours.


Duy - Wallpaper (Completed)
BPR - Avatar (In progress)
bigpoppa - Avatar (Completed)
Junkyard God - Stick Art (Queue)
Dark Shinryuken - Avatar (Queue/Image acquisition)
Chibi - Avatar (Completed)
Sparda - Banner (Completed)
Monarc - Avatar (Completed)
HoOv - Avatar (Completed)

Well since I’m a perv mabey you can make me a girl avatar? Mabey throw in my love of the strip clubs heres a pic if you want to use it mabey some animation? I know it’s so original so I’ll understand if you don’t want to do it.

What do you mean by your love of strip clubs?

I thought mabey you could throw a stripper pole or something in there or mabey some text about the places or just omit the whole strip club thing if it doesn’t fit in.

it would be cool if u could change the colors to black & silver, and if you could change the font style,and if commando shows up every 3 sec’s.i’d really appreaciate it :clap:

Well, i’d like to request an avatar as a just-in-case…

Read my topic (a couple of posts down). The first one on top w/ Terry Bogard

can u make me a hibiki wallpaper? if you need images, ask. thanks!

PM me and the size you want.

could you help me out with my joystick graphic?

i started a thread here:


Not right now. I’ve got another stick art to do and some wallpapers and avs. PM me if someone takes it up or in a few days if no one has yet then I’ll look at it again.

cool! thanks.

i’ll get back to you in a few days, my topic has been seriously lacking the responses.

Alright I’ve updated the first post and will continue to with a status report. Any thing you have for me, ideas/images etc. Please PM them to me. Requests are still for the thread.

To everyone I’m supposed to be doing requests for, I’ve been off and on alot lately, having lots of stuff to do. Hopefully I’ll get around to finishing everything soon.

no thanx i already took care of it

Can I get an avatar background like the one you have (like they were painted on) with just the letters TLK?

Hee hee.


Well, since you offered to take any kind of graphic, would you be willing to take up my stick art request? Here is a link with the specifics:



Hey TG could you make me a Haohmaru av from Sam-sho?

Here is a link to the pic I want.

Note- There is a “shadow” effect on the pic, would it be possible to maybe hide it in a dark background or something?

Face Guy - Supply the artwork and I’ll consider it. I’ve worked on huge projects like that before with internet resolution stuff and it doesn’t come out too great. Remember that net stuff is 72 dpi.

Hurley - Sure.

Hrm, I assumed you guys just kind of had high(er) res versions of most artwork. Let me look around, I’ll get back to you.

Only way you’ll get that is if you draw it yourself. Anything saved to the interweb is at 72dpi unless its a psd etc or in a zip file.