I'll take five requests

Just as the name implies. I take the first five av requests, no three-man team avs (lord, I hate those) and nothing breaking IMM rules (a.k.a. pr0n). Oh yeah, and if it’s something obscure that you know is hard to find, provide a pic/link.

With that, request away, people.

Could you make me a R.Mika Av with the sprite on the pic attached on the av? its her medium kick, somewhere in the end i think, could you get that sprite? and next to her , could you put lilith next to her? i have a lilith sprite so wait a sec and ill post it.

you can animate it i think since i got 40k of room for av space.

also the av i have on now? see has it has RoD Krew written on there? could you fit it on this one too? thx.

i would like one with the attached pic feeal free to be as creative as you want all.thanks dude

Geez…what’s with the Lilith and Morrigan stuff (I hate both of them) :lol:

I’ll take both requests, but yours might take just a bit longer, Dios (a sprite rip? That’s cruel). BTW, it probably won’t be animated, not my thing anymore.

Two down, three to go.

hey hook me up infini ill provide the pic i juss need to look for it wont take long:)

here it is sorry for the double post:bluu:

Ok, I’ll do this one too. Nice pic, BTW. :smiley:

Three down…two to go.

haha thanx ayumi is too hott in that pic:p :smiley:

Dios: I’m done here.

Working on sentinal’s now.

sentinal: You’re set.

You’re up, Shizuma.

Can you make an avatar using the first Donovan. If possible, can you do it from the bottom of that blue V and up while still exluding his hand. The straw or whatever in his mouth too if it’s not too much trouble. Just a simple thing with either a black background (solid or if you have something better) and my username in white square-like letters with a small lining of the same or similar pinkish red he has. I originally wanted him tossing away his hat and cloak, but couldn’t find the sprite. Sorry if it sounds like a lot, but I’d really appreciate it. Here’s the bitmap and jpeg file.


Didn’t know which would be best to work with, so here’s the bitmap too.

Shizuma: Damn, this av came out good…wish it was mine now…:lol:

@ Soldier Zero: I’ll take it. May be a bit though, gotta clean it and all.

:eek: omg thanx dude hell why dont you make another ava using this pic it would prolly come out badass cause this one did thanx again man

No prob. And I won’t dupe pic for an av (no matter how cool it turns out), unless it’s for you anyway.

One more request (besides yours, Soldier Zero) and I’m thru.

have u reached 5 yet??

if not then i have a request + pic…lemme know if i can squeeze in

Nope, you’d be #5. What did you have in mind?

yeah well usually i dont request because i make my own avatars as u may or may not know but ive been without photoshop for a good month and a half and another month and a half more…but enough of that i know u make really really good things so maybe u could hook me up with an av with this pic in it


maybe red or orange…yeah…red…or orange…thanks man:D