I'll take ONE request

you know my policies

I want one of what I will show you. Let me find it or message me you fag


If you can’t do it, just let me know. I know its big and extravagant but that shit is dope.

i’ll give it a shot

we need to play SF2 again. hit me up on AIM sometime


nannette, i’ll have it up sometime tonight. it’s almost done

yo what up mixah

Thanks so much doll.

Dude I would love to play with ya but my computer crashed and I have no clue where the drivers are to my PC Magic Box. I’ll look for them this weekend.

If you have xbox live, we can run it online there. Hit me up on aim or call my cell if you want.

Much love

i want a sandwich


perfect. thanks man

m1 you are very hot once again. Ur going in my sig biatch :]

btw, that was psychomistress posting and not me

yo, i’m taking one more

this is the last one till next semester

i want one with dan. make it funny and cracked out m1 :] ur in my sig so do a good job :]

lol, aight, i’ll try my hardest :slight_smile:

yes, i am smoking crack



lol, that is kinda funny! weird!

why thank you. be sure to sign up on the mailing list and keep up with the frequent updates to my website… frequent as in once per year… just about… dies

yo, facebook rocks.

m1 wtf is that rofl…