Ill take some requests

Hey well i got some time on my hands =\ so if you want ill make ya an av!!

Rules are only these…

1.PLz dont nag specific bout your request

Request away :stuck_out_tongue: .

Can you please do something with this Tech N9ne Clip? Have it say ‘6688846993’ in orange somewhere, and swerve if its possible. Thanks alot


hmm whats the filesize limit is it for srk?

20kb for normal members.

Id like one of Urien holding up Akuma in his Kick grab (the one where he squeezes the back of his neck) not animated with lilke a dark smokey background. Only need a shot from torso up.

Monkey i didn’t know ur teamfantasy?!:slight_smile:

Is there anyway i can get a AV with this honda pic with a s-groove bar…and can i get the background to glow or blink.If its not to hard…can i get the name s-groovephantom someowhere on it

dude twitch…you ain’t sporting the border!

hehe im just playing around putting different avatar’s on glad ur doin well man!:slight_smile:

Yea thankx man…didn’t know taht your part of empire arcadia man!

:confused: im not just wearing random avatars i really like there logo tho:)

hey um im sorry i havent done your av’s yet (havent been home) but since now i am ill have em done prolly tomorrow ^_^.

swerve: here you go man sorry for the wait (i had to get rid of a lot of frames since your not a premium member sorry =\ ).

nice job on that av…u forgot 2 things though…the orange text…and the guys sn:bluu:

oh shit thats hott!!! It’s all good about the name and the orange text… I appreciate this a ton

heh well i still edited it ( didnt see your post til now) so heres the orange text one :o .

thanks again! :smiley:

groove: ill get to yours sometime today…

Crazy: um well if i can find that gif then ya ill do it today if not then hmm ill ask on the 3s rip thread.

can you make me an Avatar with cang and choi on it with my nae in it if its not a problem.

Would you make me an av with Sagat And Johnny both in dark blue color edits with a dark blue background, and epsilon_ somewhere, thanks alot.