I just went to get my prescriptions filled. I was denied. The pharmacist said blue cross denied my claim. I called another manager to see if he had heard anything weird. Today (friday) he tried to go to the dentist and his insurance was denied as well. When he called blue cross, the lady from blue cross called our company benefits department and was kept on the line for their convo. Our company didn’t know an employee heard our benefits department admit to blue cross that our company didn’t pay blue cross this week, even though they deducted money from our paychecks for medical this week. She went on to say it would be “fixed on monday”

Our company is going to announce massive store closings and maybe chapter 11 on monday, and it’s looking to me like they took our money for medical, and didn’t pay the insurance company, which has quote “put a stop to all benefit claims until monday” unquote.

This in my mind can not be legal. It sounds like the exact definition of embezzlement to me.
I am on meds for high blood pressure and anxiety because i have a diagnosed panic disorder. I can either wait to see what happens because corporate is closed weekends or choose to pay $179.99 for pills that normally cost me $11.

My district manager even said that if they took money out for medical but didn’t pay the insurance company, it “seems like that would be illegal”

What do i do?

The most you can do is A) get a lawyer and get advice from them (why ya’ll come to SRK for legal matters only god knows) B) get as much documentation stating that they didn’t pay Blue Cross despite the fact that they said they did and C) spread your legs and kiss your ass goodbye if they close their business.

being a medical doctor, lawyer, and srk poster, i would advise you to: rush that shit down, umeshoryu, and ninja turtle your way to victory.

paging lothar/ultradavid…

Get proof that money was deducted (paystubs or whatnot) and then get proof that the company wasn’t paid. Then go ahead and demand your money back (might want to buy those pills, seems important). Haste is needed, though, cause when they go under you get squat.