Illinois Suburbs question: would you be interested in this gathering?


I work at and my family owns an arcade in Villa Park, il called safari land. Theres a bunch of rooms in the back that are set up for parties that could easily be converted into a gathering room. The place has a bar and a restaurant that could supply us with pizza and beer (or soda for the young ones) all night. But before i pitch the idea to the owners i need to know if people would be interested. Itd probably be weekly on tuesday or if you have any suggestions on days. There would be casuals in UMvC3 and sfxt and sfiv and probably a tourney in all three as well. The place also has a mvc2 cabinet and a multi game cab that has super turbo and sf 2 which i could have wheeled into the room and set on free play. Gimme your opinions and suggestions. Thanks guys.
-Joey D


Sorry for the mistypes guys, im on an ipad lol


Might get a better response on this if you go to the specific Illinois threads. There’s one for Chicago, and one for Southern IL/Champagne, that I know of.