Taken from tilas blog…Holy shit this is seriously making me think.


Heres the blog…

I dunno if all this is true. But the vids with micheal are enlighting. Also i made a search but did not find anything. Sorry if this has been posted.

Here we go again.

Just zeros and ones.

That video disturbed me and i had to post this lol sorry.


the truth is dangerous

It’s all true.

That there are videos and articles talking about the Illuminati proves that either a) people are dumb, dumb, dumb, or b) the Illuminati does exist BUT Dr. B is not in it.

I’m laughing hysterically, because you got this from Tila Tequila’s blog. So, if this was an attempt at humor, mission fucking accomplished.


Whether the source is dubious is not the matter here.


Of course not!!


I’m trying to make a joke connecting Tila and her alien-esque appearance to the X-Files tag of “The truth is out there”. But alas, I can’t think of one.

Just picturing that is good enough.

the 2D illuminati is already here!

aleister crowley taken literally?


did that song really say “i wont fuck your elbow”

What a stupid video.

What do we hav here now!
Do you wanna ride or die?