Illuminated Joysticks from Gremlin Solutions


Check these illuminated joysticks out! They are not Sanwa or Seimitsu but do look very similar to some of the Seimitsu sticks. I would be interested to try these out.

The transparent shaft covers are a nice touch aswell.


I have one coming in but its a 12v… still playing around with it to see what we can do…


Lol, wtf! I just noticed the 12v supply needed to light it up. SMH

Surely as its just LED’s installed into the pcb wouldn’t it just mean using a lower ohm resistor?


BlindWithOneArm is getting a yellow one come.


They’re Rollies by the look of it


The brand is San Star (model JS4) and these joysticks cost as little as $10 if ordered from China.

They do not feel good, so don’t go throwing away your LS-55 or JLF just yet.


I’m thinking thats what I would have to do but I’m sceptical if it will agree with the rest of the components I place into the case…


Your right, they look identical to the ones sold by Rollie.


I recognize the 12v input, Ponyboy and I actually talked about that a while ago but if these are them (and not the ones Gahrling pointed out) then he didn’t take my advice.


Well, they come from the same spot the buttons and sticks we normally call Rollies come from. And those no-bubble clear balls.

If they’re 12v, chances are they’re using a lamp bulb. I can’t think of any reason that they couldnt be refitted with LEDs.


Im bout to order one in every color…they are sick!!!


Went from drab, at 12V.

To fab, at 5V.

Check out J&J Blog to see what I did.


Nicely done!


sick work sir


Looks like jdm has a miniature warp drive reactor set underneath the mounting plate!

It does look like something out of Star Trek…


JDM need to mod more and resell!


lovely work.