Illuminati, Music Industry, & Why They Killed Michael Jackson


They are masters of deception

[media=youtube]Yqlwp_pP_UE[/media] part 1
[media=youtube]_MN8rGri-z0[/media] part 2

Illuminati is an underground organization that has all the money in the world, they control the banks, the politics, the presidents, the military… and nearly, the entire world. They control the media, and the media is music.

Illuminati are people with at least 50+ years of technology ahead of us, as well as knowledge and languages too.

They are the richest 13 families in the world.

They purposely intended the economy to have more “middle class” and “poor class” than the rich class, so that we are nothing but ants to them and they can control us and make us fight each other like idiots while they just suck in our money and do nothing.

They pay zero taxes whereas we have to pay everything and do the dirty work.

They are the ones who organized World War I & II, and are currently organizing another World War III.

They setup 9/11. Believe me.

Their plan is the “New World Order,” which is, to have world domination.

Michael Jackson warned us in 2012, if we do not do anything, we’re fucked.

In 2012, it is believed that they will:

  • plant RDIF chips into our babies’ heads for easier tracking/manipulation purposes (they are masters of manipulation)

  • they will eliminate our population by 6 billions people, so that we cannot stand against them in unity. they will eliminate us by creating a World War III

  • they will “plan out” natural disasters, viral diseases, (like SARS, swine flu, etc) on purpose to wipe us out

  • they will create another World War, so we will kill each other and depopulate ourselves while they are hiding underground and planning their next agenda

Other shit:

They worship Satan, no, this is not a fucken joke… they LITERALLY suck on this devil’s cock for world domination

Anybody you see in mainstream media is being controlled by the Illuminati. They control music artists and make those artists their “puppets”

Victims who were attacked (some murdered!!) for revealing Illuminati organization:

  • [media=youtube]BSklaysc3tE]Michael Jackson (Part 1) … (Part 2 [) (these two links are a different video than the two ones above, but a must-see as well
  • [media=youtube]pWHiZhl_TBA[/media]
  • Tupac
  • [media=youtube]VGnMYD2uuNo[/media]
  • [media=youtube]BHBp9n0YnTA[/media] (The Crow movie)
  • Bruce Lee (speculated)
  • [media=youtube]hIfHsYWeC1Y[/media]

Victims who have given their “soul for fame” (read as: sold their soul to the devil) :

  • Rihanna (Princess of the Illuminati… don’t believe me? [media=youtube]929A0UVZHK4[/media]
  • Jay-Z
  • [media=youtube]CplS_O0A-KQ]Lady GaGa]([/media)… (Lady GaGa also honestly [url=[/media]
  • Barak Obama (He says [media=youtube]8gjMHJ8Y90s[/media] MUST SEE

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Reminds me of the last time I got a haircut the doped up bitch cutting my hair spent the whole time talking about how she thought the mafia killed Michael Jackson. That really sucked.


I always wondered at the crazy assholes who believe this shit. If a group of people existed who had all the money, power, and influence in the world, why bother hiding? LIVE IT UP.




The last time I saw this much bullshit a bull shit all over my house.
(Clarification: the “bullshit” in that sentence is referring to “believing in the Illuminati.” Gullible fucks.)

It’s too bad I stopped the Dr. B quotes because I had the perfect one to cap that.


What I think is a little-known fact, [media=youtube]U9Hm1ROmlEk"[/media] didn’t believe in all of this bullshit- not that I consider him to be anybody’s role model. But I think people would be surprised to hear this, since he named his last album “Killuminati-” as in “kill all that noise about some secret society.”

There’s an article about this in the latest issue of XXL which I didn’t read, but it was funny to see how far things have gone in the opposite direction.


So Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall with their undlerings planned to take over the world. Only to be stopped by Vince Russo


Don’t be so naive. You at least give the impression that you’re more intelligent than this.

Money is everything. It’s inevitable that the richest people in the world will have a lot of control. A mutually beneficial alliance only increases that control.

It’s very unlikely that the illuminati doesn’t exist, whether they call themselves that or not, and whether or not they had a hand in the death of Michael Jackson.


I read the article. You hit it on the head. Nobody really buys into the fact that a secret society that was made up of some of the most brilliant minds in the world, suddenly went to recruit rappers and hip-hop artists to run everything in the 90’s and today. Its laughable really.

The Illuminati or Masons or whoever went to hip-hop/rap artists to spread the word in a dying industry that nobody really cares about anymore? Record sales are down, illegal downloads are faltering, that would be one failed attempt to spread the word. It was a good read that basically outlines the whole conspiracy theory and how it came about.


Wasn’t there an Illuminati thread last week? FFS.


what you mean like [media=youtube]mPh7sUvhZ3E"[/media]

not that I believe in all the accusations im on the fence about it, I do believe it’s easily possible and makes sense that there would be a higher power you dont need to know about. but yeah some people really get carried away by just the suggestion that this could be, people need to calm their shit down and…

oh I’ll just shut up now, carry on :rofl:



illumanatti Be EvErYwHEre !!!


There has been this meme about the Illuminati influencing rap for a while. I feel music artists lol’d at the idea and started trolling believers by including signs in their vid. The more controversy the more exposure they get.

As I see it. :rofl:


There is no Illuminati.

And if you look at the truth thats staring you right in the face, it’s pretty obvious. In fact, I suspect that this idea of the “Illuminati”: this secret group of families that control the world and have super technology, is a red herring to advert the masses who really controls much of the Western world. Regarding who really is in control (in the Western World):

They DO control the media.
They DO control the entertainment industry
They ARE NOT simply a select group of families.
Although they ARE NOT “Legion of Doom”-like organized, they DO have simular agendas.
They DO NOT have advanced tech.
They DO control the big bank/holding companies.
A significant number of them DONT even (or choose not to) realize their horrible history and what they are doing now. Those who DO find out sometimes lash out in bizarre, sometimes violent, ways (several of these episodes have been WELL publicized).

This information is NOT secret:
Look at your TV not as a mere medium for entertainment, but look at what messages it’s trying to give you, then look at WHO is sending these messages, and why (hint: MONEY).
Follow the money. Their goal is centered around making money, accumulating/maintaining power to make more money, and to keep people from finding out that these are their goals.

If you figured out what I’m talking about, then you’ve known all along that what I’m saying is the truth. Perhaps you suspected it, but never quite put it together. If you are still sceptical, don’t get mad at me. All I humbly ask is that you a look around you and question what you see on TV, what you are being told, what you arn’t, who is telling it, and why…then draw your own conclusions.

But I warn you, you might not like what you see.


A bunch of certain individuals are boule in the hip hop/r&b/pop industry… isnt it common knowledge? Jay-z, beyonce, lady ga ga, lil wayne, Nas, damon dash, dr.dre, birdman, j.d, Suge…etc. They all had to do something to get into the boule usually sacrifice someone close to them. Sons, girlfriends, label mates etc… They are all heading for the furnace.


didnt this thread happen back when Mikey died too???


I wake up, open SRK, and see this shit? I’m going back to bed after I kill some animals in rage.

You at least give no impression that you’re intelligent.


Most of this shit is clung to by people who are intellectually lazy or arrogant. It’s much easier to manufacture one simple answer to a series of complex questions-- that way you get to gloat and feel important because you alone understand ‘‘whats really happening’’. This is easier and MORE FUN than it is to actually learn what’s going on in the world. Instead of giving factual/reasonable answers, you get to twirl your cape around and say ‘‘you’re just blind to the TRUTH’’ in your best Morpheus voice. It’s the perfect setup for people who want to be taken seriously without doing anything to merit it.


Dr. B wore that ass out huh?