Illuminati Niccaz the Best in all fighting Games we on X box live look at the Link




Oh great, it’s this thread again.


Sign, stuff like this makes me wish that we still had rep.

That said, if you want to get technical, the best player on XBox Live is Mago (since he actually plays on Live to gain experience against people he normally wouldn’t face at the arcade) that is, unless Daigo has gotten a console now.


Ban please


I’d Yawn, but my mouth is full of beer, so I’m gonna drink my beer and save my energy.


I can’t believe he’s bragging about beating ryu/bbhood with sent/bheart/capcom


Aww hurr it go again man


Kill yourself.


Oh, its mahvel this time. I was hoping for that FADC into TOP SKOE!!


Heres a video of me online killin a ryu


New Video Watch This


New Link Illuminati Niccaz Top Skoe whoppin azz In Street Fighter 4


I’m just waiting for Soulja boy himself to come on and claim he’s the best SF player ever like in that video he made with the random white guy on the HDRemix beta.


lol this nigga can’t even do Sent loop


Gutter Trash … .


Moar like. “You have no dignity”


Hey, you guys don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

Only pros start Sagat vs Guile with jump back Tiger Shot.


LOL these guys again?


YouTube is both the best and worst thing to ever happen to the internet.


You couldnt steal a better camera or a capture card? Or a tripod?