I'm 3500pp Ken and I can't Kara throw!



For the life of me I just don’t seem to be able to learn how to Kara throw!

I know everything else, can do just about every combo, counter, meaty, frame traps and so on, my footsies are decent and so on. But I just can’t Kara throw and it’s driving me crazy!!!

I decided enough is enough and I have been practicing for days now and went from getting one in a hundred tries, and I am not even exaggerating that, to aprox one in three, so I am fairly pleased.

However I’m getting frustrated because I just don’t seem to get it to a consistent level.

I am using a Te stick and use the hand position and stuff I have seen in videos and have tried many different ways.

I need help guys. What am I missing? Is there some secret to this. Some secret things you do with your fingers.

So no guys, you beginner kens arent the only ones having difficulty with this!


It might help to practice the other kara moves to kinda get your muscle memory into the swing of things. Like try doing a kara fireball by doing the quarter circle forward motion then hitting m.k just before you press jab/fierce. Just make sure that you keep holding forward though as you do this.
If you can get that timing down then doing kara throw should be simple. In all honesty,I was able to get kara throw down no problem by just practicing the input several times a week and I still do,with all of Ken’s kara moves.


You know how to plink right? Its the same exact thing really, you just plink F+MK with throw. Same timing of the buttons and finger position as if you were plinking anything else.


I have been practicing kara fb and srk, oh and yea your right it does help. I guess I am just gonna have to keep at it. Thanks for the tips mate.

No I haven’t really ever plinked. Isn’t plinking about hitting the buttons at the same time though? You can’t really do that with Kara throw.


pliinking is hitting a button of lower value 1 frame after a button of higher value example: you hit heavy punch then 1 frame after hitting that you hit a button with lower value (medium punch medium kick light punch or light kick) and the game will register the lower value button you press as the heavy punch meaning the game will register both buttons as heavy punch giving you 2 chances to hit a 1 frame link

its exactly the same as a kara throw except instead of pressing a lower value button you press throw

you cant plink with 2 buttons of the same value (mp and mk or lp and lk) because it will register a focus or throw unless you turn off taunt for hp/hk or crouch for lp/lk (because you cant throw while crouching)

there’s also double plinking and true double plinking but that stuff is not really needed with ken

currently im working on kara shoryuken combo’s i got it fairly consistently but i do mess it up now and again


Well I’m 100pp Ken and I can’t kara-throw either! I just mash shoryukens, seems to work.


Hey there Takamura. Long time no see. I used to play you on the ps3 some time ago, learned alot from you mate.

I haven’t really ever used plinking, I can hit all my links consistently without it. Although I don’t use cr hp for my links. Might be smart to look into that and use them for more damage.

Thanks for explaining it mate.

Let me know if you ever get the game for pc would love to play you again.

Oh no man just no. Stop now! If your not trolling me that is! :wink:


it would help if u tell us what comes out instead of kara throw for u when u miss it.


I’m terrible at Ken but ive never had a problem Kara throwing. I’m not sure why, but it might have been starting the game with Abel and doing step kicks all the time then plink. After that it seemed easy to do Kara’s with no dash. Something about the timing of kens just clicks with me though more than other characters. You can vary the timing a little, do it fast and the throw barely moves forward. Then see how far you can space the button presses apart to get the max range. They’re still really close together.

I really hate that though. The best ken player locally in the twin cities metro can’t Kara throw because he plays on pad. I wish I was good at ken :frowning:


Oh right finger placement. I know a lot of players will kind of roll their hand off of MK onto the throw buttons. I think I do that too. I’d have to have a stick in front of me to be sure. But it’s kind of a rolling motion like you’re drumming your fingers from middle finger hitting MK to index and thumb hitting Lp and LK. At least how I do it.


Well Sometimes I get stepkick but most often I don’t seem to get the plink and just get a normal throw, the input reads lp,lk,mk when that happens.

Oh damn man vary the timing. I can barely do it as is. But hey Ill try. :wink:

As for the finger placement. It has proved most comfortable for me to place my thumb on mk and index and point finger on lk and lp.

I have been practicing cr mp into kara throw alot and am getting better and better with it, having more difficulty doing for example three lk or lp into kara.

For some reason I also find kara fb and srk much easier to do then kara throw.

I can’t do kara focus at all I can’t even understand how you do!!!


I won’t stop, I’m going for #1 Ranked Ken player. Try and stop me, except you can’t. Shoryuken!


Well at least make sure you mash out ultra too, it’s unbeatable and unblockable!


it really aint that hard, just feel the rythem. it’s a flow you gotta feel it to trully master kara’s. as a former third strike chun player and and vanilla sf4 ken player i have some experience on kara’s and i’ve been using them all since day one. as a former chun player one of the first things i tried on day one when i played the game was look for kara’sI found them pretty quickly.

like geo189 said you can even play with the range by playing with the timing/rythem.
and remember that practice makes perfect, it’s all about building muscle memory thru the simple art of repitition in the training room. than it becomes naturally and you just do it without thinking.


You should really learn. It’s just extra insurance that your combo will come out. So glad I took the time to learn. Things I could never hit before come out pretty consistently now.


i dont play ken and i can kara throw just press fwd.mk and grab just a little after just like if you are plinking not that difficult


learn to plink, you feel much more confident in hitting the links once you learn. and the noise the buttons make feels good.


I can do


Shoryukens in a row.

I know right, I gotta show this shit to Daigo.