I'm a begginer

I have recently wanted to start getting into fighting games, it’s what I’ve excelled in my genres and I’d like to nourish that skill. I know pretty basic stuff in UMVC3. My team consists of: Wolverine, Akuma and Zero. I picked these characters because I like them and I can do the most with them, the most being several basic combos. I’m not entirely where to start, I practice often in training mode, copying combos and seeing what each character in my team can do. I then play casually on public matches. I just really want to get better and understand complicated parts of the game, mentioning this, I’m not very familiar with fighting game ‘slang’, so please be wary of that. Any help/criticizm will be very much appreciated.

Well you stated who you use and your basic combos with them. I’m not seeing too much the synergy between Zero and Wolverine though I have no idea the power of Anchor Zero.
How do you fare in matches? any matchups you don’t like execution problems?

I’m not familiar with the term ‘anchor’, but I do feel as if there are some problems. Wolverine is my point character and usually gets me out of rough situations. Zero on the other hand I’ve mainly been trying to practice with because his move list looks fairly interesting in my opinion, however I only know two basic combos with him and I struggle to see much usefulness for him with only these two combos.

In matches I think I tend to be very lucky, having about 10 wins and 7 losses. I somehow manage to beat higher ranking players that look like they know what they’re doing (I’m unsure if they’re having trouble reading me or whatever). A point I would like to bring up is which assist to use.

Anchor means the last character on the team, this is your main assist character and also your comeback character. While Zero is considered one of the best characters in the game hes not really much of an anchor because his assists aren’t good at all and he needs assists to get his ridiculous stuff going. Akuma is much better suited for this spot as his Tatsu assist is one of the best in the game and Akuma himself is an excellent comeback character.

The other problem with your team is that Zero and Wolvie dont complement eachother very well, theyre both excellent point characters but neither one has a good assist of there own. Youre better off picking one as the point character and finding a good second character with Akuma in the back.

Wolvie does well with assists that hit off the ground and allow him to extend his combos and Zero has a laundry list of best friends, basically anyone that makes his retarded crossup game even more retarded.

I’ve understood what you have been saying and have decided to look at the assists in more detail. I’ve replaced Zero with Amaterasu and have given him the cold star assist. I think that the characters assists both now complement Wolverine, but I’m now having slight trouble with Akuma and Amaterasu. I’m still unsure for the position for Amaterasu, so far he has a great assist and is easily accessible.

Ammys a great character, cold shower is a great assist and her slow down super (i forgot the name) is a great safe DHC/ setup move. Both her and Akuma can work as second characters or anchor so it’ll really come down to preferance.

Awesome, thanks for the advice.

Try swapping ammy out for Arthur on the third spot for now, Ammy takes a bit of higher execution than a lot of other characters, her health is low. Arthur has a two great assists, Dagger Toss and the Fire bottle throw, and lvl 3 Xfactor Arthur is insane :slight_smile: Keep practicing with Ammy and swap her in when you are good with her.

This is not good team synergy dude. I feel like Wolvie and Zero are both point characters

Ryu, Deadpool and Hulk. Simple and effective team.

The amount of dislike I have for Arthur may prevent me from using him, but I can try.

Also, check out this thread, Marval is a fast game, and if your are playing on a laggy monitor, when you add online lag, it is hard to respond to anything

I don’t think Zero is a good beginner character either. To do his high damage combos require a good amount of practice and getting good with his buster charging/cancels can take some time.

I’m gunna recommend Captain America instead of Zero. He’s a very strong character in Ultimate, his combos are fairly easy to pick up and do a lot of damage with just 1 meter.

Plus if you’re going to use Ammy with Cold Star you can get some amazing Backflip mix-ups with Cap and just obliterate people.

TBH with Wolvie and Akuma a good second character that isnt too complicatied would either be Spencer or Taskmaster. They both get pretty high damage off of pretty easy combos and can easily squeeze onto most teams. Good assists for Wolverine too, especially Spencer.

Taskmaster sounds like a good idea. What would you reccomend a team like: Wolvie, Akuma and Taskmaster. Focusing on assists if possible?

If you’re playing Akuma he should probably be anchor.

Play Task second as Akuma is the better anchor of the two.