Im a really! The Jean thread


Im just gonna start this now, pleaso correct me if somethings wrong and contibute a lot:)

Short summary:
Uses full-contact Karate. Has good range, good reversals and sabaki in addition to chargeable moves that leave him at a great advantage on block.
Also hes french, a J6 assasin and was friends with Lion before he was brainwashed.

Best moves: (besides the usual 5P, 2P and 6P which are all good for Jean)

-1P lowers your hitbox, good range, half circular
-5K also quick, great range, chargeable(27 frames)
-6,6P great range, pushback on block, leaves you at +18 if you hit, those 18 are “false advantage”*
-4K series the same as his elbow, one frame slower, ends with a low.
-2K,K/3K,K good range, one is low, one is mid. Good for mixup and zoning/footsies
-1P+K dodges 2Ps and throws, also leads into good combos
-4P+K+G and 2P+K+G Jeans reversals. First one guards mids and highs. the second one blocks lows including 2Ps. Only fists though, I think.
-236P+K Sabaki, blocks high and mid punches
-4,6K+G Jeans roll. Effective against highs, staggers on hit, good range, good on block.
-4,6P+K Unblockable on high guard followup for 62 damage:)
edit, additional good moves:
-P+K 13 frames startup, hits high, knocks down
-4,6P,K 15 frames startup, hits mid, knocks down
-33,P,K 15 frames startup, hits mid(both hits), +2 on hit (ggod for throw setups)

Best throws:

66P+G 60 damage
4P+G good for ringouts



-Charge attack on block->K,K


-works for all:
§, 9P+G, 33P,K

The § can also hit after 3+P+K, but its a 1-frame-combo(apparently) it goes as follows:
3P+K, 66, P(connect on 13th frame), 3P+K, 2P+K, 3,3P,K
(Video from VFDCsDennis0201 [media=youtube]DXyJ9v4tBT0[/media])

A little more special
>9K+G, P, 2P+K, 3,3P,K
>9K+G, P, 2P+K, 4,6P,K
>P, 3K+G, (4P+K,) 3,3P,K part in brackets for lightweights)
>for Taka: 2P+K, P, 4,6,P,K
>2P, 9+K+G, 3,3P,K

Also heres my Post from VFDC on 6,6+P setups

I thought id post a few setups from 66+P that Ive found to be usefull. They arent technically combos, but I guess this is the most fitting place. So here goes:

66P puts you at an advantage of +18 frames on normal hit. However, even if you do an attack that has an execution time of less than 18 frames you wont get a combo, but a counter hit if it connects. The only option for your opponent is to block. Evades, attacks and throws wont come out before the 18 Frames have passed.
A special case which should be mentioned is 1P. Its 21 frames, but still CHs if its not blocked after the 66P.

Now that this is done, lets go for some follow ups ordered after attack height:

Not very advised since ducking seems to be the first reaction right after mashing buttons for most people. Anyway:

-PPP(charged) sets up for charged moves follow ups, but is easily ducked
-66,66+P+G -throw, covers exactly the right range, but is pretty telegraphed. Use only against intimidated opponents.


-6+K the knee. Launches high on Ch and allows great wallcombos. On lightweights even midscreen combos can rack up stupid damage. Relatively bad on block though, so use sparingly.
-6+P series elbow with chain. Starts up in 14f. Last two hits are high, first two hits are a natural combo though. So in case you fear you opponent will duck it, go for an unexpected throw after the second punch. Its +1f on hit, so you have a small advantage and the surprise moment.
If blocked go into defensive though.
-4K series same as elbow, but one frame slower. Used to mix things up with 6P etc. Can also be stopped after second hit for a surprise throw. Also the last P can be charged.

for the above two you can also go into a string that starts with a mid after the second attack of the first string to counter crouching or 2Ps.
-4K+G,P,P slow, but tracks well, if sidestepped
-4,6P+K unblockable, pretty self-explanatory:)
-6,6P fast, knocks down on CH. Only -8 on block.
-3K,K exactly the right distance. -8 on block, knocks down.
-K(charged) or 6K+G usable on intimidated opponents. Good on block (+6f), good damage if you can follow up.


-2K,K knocks down, covers good distance and moves you forward. So if you connect the first kick, which is +4 on CH,
you can move in for an easy throw setup ala: 2K,66P+K
-1P as mentioned before. Is negative on hit though.

Thats it for now, I hope its useful for someone.

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For the last of your ‘best moves’, it should be 46P+K instead of 46P+G. As a notation thing, i think it looks cleaner to leave out the ‘+’ between the directional number and button presses (aka 66P+K instead of 66+P+K) and commas between directions isn’t necessary, just my opinion.

Wallsplat moves:

Standard wall combo:
wall splat, 1P+K, P, 3K+G, 4PK, 33PK
wall splat, 1P+K, P, 3K+G, 4PK, 4KP, 46K+G (lightweights)

Parry combo midscreen:
parry, 2P, 9K+G, 33PK

Parry combo corner:
parry, 2P, 9K+G, 3K+G, 66K, 33PK


Alright changed it up:)
Also a cornercombo that does a little more damage:

Wallsplat move:

Does 100 damage if done from a 6K:)


Yeah i know about that one, it’s weird though. Seems like you need to come at the wall from an angle to make it work. I don’t use it purely for consistency.


What are some good tips when fighting Brad? his ducking is giving me trouble.

Also on Jean’s 6K > 9K+G > P > 2P+K… combo I’m having trouble with the P > 2P+K part as it’s not leaving the opp. in a bound(?) state and not letting me follow up, is it weight specific, has to be CH or is my timing off?


Weight specific. That combo is for LW’s i believe. 9K+G, 2P+K works on MW’s.


Yes youre right stickystains, it really only does work when you come at the wall in an angle.
In the end your version is better i think.

Also on VS. Brad:

This is just some very basic stuff, so be careful and better test Brad yourself in training mode:

His jab strings and his “elbow-launcher” are all high, so you can just duck them or counter them with your reversals/sabaki).
Its also really easy to evade around the first part if his jab strings, if he does his ducking move you should be careful, since hell probably do a mid afterwards.
If he does a sway back, youll have to look out for his unblockable. I think it hits high though, so duck and punish.
If you side step a lot, youull also have to look out for his circular on two heights, its relatively fast, but the range isnt to good, so its unusally good to keep you ristance.
Especially since your 66P will beat his in most situations (Brads hits high).

Okay thats it so far, ill have to put some more thought into this, but honestly, ive gotten most Brads pretty easily with 2P>6P since they often just want to get their jabs going.


Thread title is dumb, please fix that.

Also, 46p+k’s followup on guard can be broken, same with 46k+g. And 66p+k should be in best moves. Wallsplats, mid, good range, i15, KND, etc. Only drawback is it’s -10 but whatever. p+k (i13, KND, -7) and 3pp (i15, 38 dmg, but -1 on hit) are pretty retarded too. 3pp has great reach as well, and it’s mid-mid, so that makes up for it being -1 on hit.

Don’t see a lot of talk on punishers though, so I guess I can fill those in.

i10: throws, obviously. Depending on position and etc, alter your throw as well.
i12: jabs and stuff
i13: p+k
i14: 6p,p (just use p+k instead)
i15: 3p,p and 46p,k (46p,k is better), 66p+k when at wall
i16: 3kk (4,6pk is still better)
i17: 6k
i19: 3p+k (Mainly for long range punish, like Jacky’s 7k)


I made adjustments to the first post, but i dont know how to change the title. Sorry you dont like it.


So, is there any general strategies for him?


So like…is there a way to bounce people after 6k? I know the usual combos are 9k+g 33pk or 6(hold)p 2p+k 46pk, but I could have sworn I was seeing some players bouncing with 3k+g after the launcher.


depends if the opponent’s weight. If against lights (sarah, vanessa) or super lights (eileen, hotdog) you can do 3K+G after 9K+G. If against heavier guys, you need to get 6K to counter hit. You could even bounce certain people twice.


Every time I try to bounce with 3k+g after the launcher I just plant them into the ground. Is it just a matter of height or what?


Like I just said, it depends on how heavy the opponent is. Lighter characters float higher which give you more hits while juggling. If he’s not bouncing, set the AI to counter hit in the dojo. Depending on their weight class, you can do 110 damage (vs eileen) or 60 damage (vs taka).


Was mostly curious about if they had to be falling face-down or hit with something else to keep them high enough.