I'm a [insert character] player

I would like to know the specific fighting game characters/teams that you guys use/play. So this thread is a list of fighting games and what characters you use.


The first question: Some people are character specific players, who main/are best with the same character in every game… the first question “I am generally a ____player” is for those players. If you are not one of those players who main the same character in every installment, just answer N/A.

  • if you are a player based on style, then just describe the style you play. Some characters do change in style in other series. Such as Doom who IMO was more of an angle keepaway in MVC2 (yes, he could zone, but it was very risky to try to get in on some of the top tiers).

There is no limit in characters, however try to be realistic. It’s rather weird (imo) to see some one main more than 5 guys in CVS2, SF4, MK, etc.

You don’t need to follow my lis, If there are different fighting games you play (such as guilty gear). Just list them.

Note: It doesn’t have to be** just** fighting games, games that involve player vs player like various online games such as League of legends, Diablo**,** Dota, World of Warcraft, etc.

I’m a guy who enjoys characters that forces his opposing character to change his basic/strong style of game play. For example, Strider hiryu… strider hiryu changes the gameplay of his opponents; mvc2 Magneto players focus on rush down and strider hiryu (when played right) will force magneto to change a bit, causing him to run away. The characters i know who can change styles are Strider, Storm, Spiral, Kristie (tekken), N-Bison (cvs), and Phoenix (mvc3).

I am generally a _____ player: Strider, Cammy player
Marvel vs Capcom 1: Strider Hiryu/Spiderman
**Marve vs Capcom 2: **Strider Hiryu/Sent/Doom
Marvel vs Capcom 3: Zero/Sent/Haggar, X-23/Sentinel/Haggar
Street Fighter: Cammy
**Mortal Kombat **: Reptile
Tekken (5-6): Raven, Lili

Capcom vs SNK 2: K-Cammy/Rock/Kyo
X-men vs Street Fighter: Rogue/Cammy
Super Smash Bros: Pokemon Trainer
Final Fantasy Dissidia: Zidane
Soul calibur 4: Darth Vader
Dota: Techies, Undying
League of Legends: Katarina

Planning to main:

**Street Fighter X Tekken:**Cammy/Raven (if he gets in)

That kind of ruins the thread for anyone who would earnestly like to contribute to it

I am generally a whoever gives me the most wins player.

ya, i guess i should change it.

SSFIV: Sakura
3rd Strike: Urien
ST: Ryu
KoF: Yuri, Iori, Kula (I hated 12, of course)
Tekken: Bruce/Lee

League Of Legends: Lux (Basic character, yaayy)

SSF4 - Juri

MvC3 - X-23/Ammy/Spencer

SFA3 - Karin
SSF4 - Ibuki/Rose
MvC3 - She-Hulk/Magneto/Sentinel

SFxT - Karin(if she gets in)/Nina or Ibuki(if she gets in)

I’m a very defensive player guess you could call it turtleing but I choose characters based on how much I like there design.

SSF4 - Chun Li / Juri
MVC3 - Chun Li / Felicia / Shuma
Soul Calibur 4 - Tira
Tekken 6 - Alisa
King of Fighters 12 - Athena
Mortal Kombat - Kung Lao
BlazBlue - Taokaka / Platinum
AH3 - Scharlachrot
Guilty Gear - Bridget / May
DarkStalkers 3 - Felicia
Battle Fantasia - Coyori
Melty blood - Red Arcueid
Dead or Alive 4 - Christie
Bloody Roar - Uriko
Smash Bros - Luigi
Vanguard Princess - Luna

SFxT - hopes for (Alisa / Poison / Karin / Juri / R mika)
Soul Calibur 5 - hopes for (Tira)

I play so many that I suck at them all.

I am generally a turtle style player.

I’m usually a Ken player in just about any SF game though I’ve been playing Bison more in SF4 and Remy is my main in Third Strike.
Guilty Gear-Ky/learning Testament
MvC-Venom & Morrigan
MvC2-Venom, Ken/Akuma, Cable
CvS2-Ken, Terry, Haohmaru
Samurai Shodown-Ukyo/Haohmaru

I am a Chun-Li player… with a little bit of Morrigan.

/lists every game Chun-Li and Morrigan has appeared in

Cvs2- N/K groove Haohmaru,sakura,ken
3s- Ryu SA1 and 3
mvc3- zero, deadpool, doom
SSF4AE- Vega
ST- Vega
Blazblue- Jin
SFA2- Rolento, Dhalsim
World of Warcraft- Dual Wielding Frost DK pvp
Heroes of Newarth- Jeriziah
COD Black Ops- Commando with silencer,crossbow,claymore,semtext,flash grenade, ghost pro, sleight of hand pro and ninja pro.

I’m typically a Blanka player…

games I think are worth something…
ST - Blanka, Dic
**CvS2 **- C-Ken/Cammy/Blanka2 or A-Akuma/Dic/Blanka2
3S - Akuma, Yang
MvC2 - MSP, MSS, Thrax, Spiderman/BBHood/Doom, Ruby/Juggs/BBHood, Megaman/Cable/BH
**GGAC **- Venom
**GG#R **- Slayer
**VF4:EVO **- Lion

games I could give a flying fuck about…
AE - Juri, Yang, Blanka
SFA3 - Blanka Aism, Bison NoIsm
**MvC3 **- X-23/Chun/Sentinel, Skrull/Storm/Chun
SC4 - Voldo, Cassandra
BBCT - Taokaka

**Tekken 6 **- Lee, Lars

I usually go with female characters for whatever reason - I don’t pick them because they are female, but because normally playstyles associated with female characters are the ones that appeal the most to me.

ST - Claw
3S - Elena
SSF4 and AE - Cammy, Juri

MvC2 - B.B.Hood / CapCom / Juggernaut
MvC3 - She Hulk / Tron / Dante
TvC - June / Doronjo

SC3 and 4 - Ivy, Tira
VS - Hsien-Ko, Jedah
BBCT - v-13
BBCS - a-11
BBCS2 - Makoto, Platinum
MK9 - Mileena
T6 - Julia, Alisa, Lili
Garou - Jenet
KoF - Kula, K’, Maxima, Whip, Benimaru
Jojo - Middler
LoL - Morgana

SSF4 - Evil Ryu / Juri
MVC3 - Chun Li / she-Hulk / wolverine
Soul Calibur 4 - Tira
Tekken 6 - Jin
King of Fighters 12 - Athena
Mortal Kombat - Scorpion
BlazBlue - Taokaka / Platinum
AH3 - Scharlachrot
Guilty Gear - Bridget / May
DarkStalkers 3 - Morrigan
Battle Fantasia - Coyori
Melty blood - Red Arcueid
Dead or Alive 4 - Christie
Bloody Roar - Uriko
Smash Bros - Ike
Vanguard Princess - Luna

I’m a heavy hitter kind of player, with a dash of zoning.

SSF4/AE: T. Hawk
MvC3: Hulk/Ryu/Wesker
ST/HDR (the bit I play): T. Hawk
3rd Strike (still learning): Ryu/Hugo
MK9: Noob
MvC2 (even less than ST): Ryu/Tron Bonne/Cammy
BBCT: Tager (Wish I really got into BB)
Smash Bros Brawl: Pokemon Trainer/Captain Falcon
NFL Blitz: The Minnesota Vikings

Do you use xbox 360 on these Games

Nope, PSN only.

I play characters that appeal to me aesthetically, sort of like a favorite character in a tv show/movie. I then try to make it work, which is why I value the concept of every character being as viable as possible. My play style varies with whatever the character is best utilized for in the game, but I guess I’m naturally defensive because that goes with me in any game. I love me some good counter-hits.

SF3 3rd Strike: Akuma, Ken, Q
SSF4: Cammy, Sakura, Chun Li, Ken, Vega
MvC2: Mag/Spidey/Iron Man, Venom/Spidey/Cammy, Jill/xx/xx
MvC3: X23/Dante/Wesker, Wesker/Chris/Dante, Dante/Trish/Jill
Neo Geo Battle Coliseum: Yuki, K’, Geese, Iori, Mai, Rock
Rival Schools 2: Batsu, Hinata, Kyosuke
Soul Edge/Blade: Hwang, Taki, Siegfried, Li Long, Seong Mina, Cervantes
Soul Calibur: Nightmare, Maxi, Taki, Seong Mina, Astoroth, Yoshimitsu, Mitsurugi
SoulCalibur 4: Maxi, Taki, Seong Mina, Cassandra, Kilik-clone character
TvC: Chun Li, Batsu
Tekken series: Christie, Lei, Law, Devil Jin, Nina
KoF series: K’, Mai, Blue Mary, Iori, Yuri, Kula, Rugal
BlazBlue series: Ragna, Noel
Capcom vs SNK 2: Ken, Rock, Bison, Geese, Mai, Hibiki, Rugal
Dead or Alive series: Ayane, Kasumi, Ein, Kokoro

I thought this was going to be a discussion based on the type of character we frequent, like rushdown, grappling, zoning, etc. But hey, I’ll bite. I can generally use any character and style but I’m just listing my “go-to” characters/teams. Y’know, when it’s time to win.

XvsSF: Cammy + Charlie
MSH: Spider-Man
MSHvsSF: Spider-Man + Wolverine
MvC: Strider + CapCom/Spider-Man + Lou, Morrigan + Wolverine + Colosuss
MvC2: Strider(B) + Doom(B) + CapCom(B)
MvC3: Skrull(b)/Viper(y) + Magneto(a) + Doom(y), Iron Man(a) + Dormmamu(a) + Magneto(a), Storm(a) + Trish(B) + Deadpool(B)
SSF2T: Cammy, Fei-Long, Ryu
SFA3: Cammy(A), Adon(X), Fei-Long(A), Karin(A), Sakura(V)
SFIII-3S: Chun-Li(SA2), Dudley(SA3), Yun(SA3)
SFIV: Cammy(U1)
CvS2: Joe + Rock + Terry(R2 shift as necessary, N-Groove)
VS: Morrigan, Jedah
RS2: Vatsu + Kurow + P.Akira
KOF: K’, Kula, Kyo, Terry, Ash, Duo Lon (mixed combinations)
Garou: Rock, Terry