I'm a KOF newbie


So I downloaded a KOF '98 ROM on my emulator simply just to try a new fighting game (I only play Street Fighter), and I am definitely not used to the character roster, buttons, and move lists. I am attempting to use Kyo, Ryo, and Iori. Are there any tips for using them, like combos and all that? Thanks.


Go to http://dreamcancel.com/ It’s a dedicated KOF site and watch the Dandy J tutorial


one way it was explained to me is that Street Fighter demands you be precise with your button presses and allows you to be sloppy with the joystick, where KOF demands precision with the Joystick and lets you be sloppy with button presses


This in regards to SF4 and KOF13 - the older games have different demands.


Check out the SRK wiki too when you can



That earlier statement is def KOF 13 ish, maybe 2002 as well to some extent. KOF 98 is pretty stringent with button presses.


It’s mostly referring to the button hold tech where you can be quite early with the press and get the next move to come out. Not sure if 2k2 has a mechanic like that, probably doesn’t.


To get a better understanding of SNK’s fighting games, it’s best to start with Fatal Fury 1 and 2, as well as Art of Fighting 1 and 2. This will introduce most of SNK’s iconic characters, then go to KOF '94, as its the first KOF.

Also, SNK games are well known for something known as “SNK Syndrome,” where the boss fights are notoriously cheap, but they can be beaten via equally lame and cheap tactics.

As far as KOF '98 is concerned, you should definitely go here: