I'm a little confused on frame data

I’ve read some articles online about using frame data and I believe I would understand it more if I had some examples on how to use it. Can anyone give a example on how they use frame data please? i’m sorry if this has been explained more in depth somewhere on the forums but the search feature is gone.

Blanka’s cr.MK: 6 frame startup, +4 on hit, +1 on block
Blanka’s st.LP: 4 frame startup, +1 on hit, -2 on block
Blanka’s Horizontal Ball: 6 frame startup, -15 on hit, -24 on block
Zangief’s SPD: 2 frame startup
Zangief’s EX Green Hand: 13 frame startup

Blanka hits Zangief with his cr.MK, which puts Blanka at +4 frame advantage. Blanka attempts to go for his link, st.LP, while Zangief attempts to reversal SPD Blanka.

Since Blanka recovers from his recovery 4 frames before Zangief recovers from his hitstun, he is able to hit Zangief with st.LP before Zangief is able to reversal SPD him.

Blanka then cancels st.LP into Horizontal Ball - by doing this, Blanka completely skips his recovery on the st.LP and immediately goes into Horizontal Ball. Like most 2-in-1s, there is nothing Zangief can do to stop or defend against this.

Blanka’s Horizontal Ball hits Zangief, which puts Blanka at a -15 frame disadvantage. Zangief then does a reversal EX Green Hand - since the EX Green Hand covers a lot of distance and has less than 15 frames of startup, it is able to hit Blanka while he is recovering from a Horizontal Ball.

If Zangief had blocked the first cr.MK, here’s what would’ve happened:

Blanka’s cr.MK is blocked by Zangief, which puts Blanka at +1 frame advantage. Blanka attempts to go for his link, st.LP, while Zangief attempts to reversal SPD Blanka.

Blanka recovers 1 frame sooner than Zangief does, and goes for the st.LP. However, since st.LP has a 4 frame startup, that means Zangief has a 3 frame window to interrupt st.LP. SPD has only a 2 frame startup, so it is able to interrupt the st.LP.


Great frame data faq.

thank you so much for helping me with this. This helps put it in perspective for me.

yeah I read that one but I was wanting a example or how a player would use this data. like the post above your he is showing me how to use the data from the sheets. But thank you for your time to help out.

The concept of frames has always been confusing for me. Many people say that in SF 2 HDREMIX you have 1 frame to a reversal as you’re getting up… but how can that be possible? How can you do a motion in 1/60ths of a second? If the game is running at 60 frames per second then you will have to do the motion in 1/60ths of a second!!! I’ve gotten reversal SPDs and in no way have I did the whole motion in 1/60ths of a second.

So yeah… I find frames to be confusing. Are we really doing motions and playing THAT fast??

its not the motion that has to be done in that window but the button presses. That’s why pianoing the buttons gives your more chance of pressing one during that small window cause it gives you more inputs so more chance one of them overlaps with that small reversal window.

I would really not rely too much on things like that. When it comes down to it you’re going to memorize all that by playing a lot and memorizing from a faq won’t do much more than waste time.

It may help in a way where you keep trying to do a move and you just HAVE to know how fast it is but, like I said multiple matches ingrains that sort of stuff in you anyways.

Then again, there are those stubborn people who don’t learn and keep trying a move against something else which is faster just to keep getting punched in the face. :rofl:

You can input the reversal more than once (up to 3 times with each button).


I’m well-versed in frame data from Tekken and SoulCalibur. But in those games, there were only really three things that mattered: startup, hit adv, and grd adv.

But with SF, I’m seeing “hit”, “recovery,” “grd recovery”, and “hit recovery”

I’m pretty sure “hit” is the number of frames an attack is active, but what do the other three represent? Just support numbers?

And how does “hit” affect the rest of the numbers? Like, say Dan’s FP became awesome and had 4 frames of startup, 10 frames of hit, +10 hit adv, -1 grd adv. Are these adv on the first frame or last frame of the active hit? What would happen with “rec”, “grd rec”, “hit rec”?