I'm a little Tea Tard short and stout


Praise the Lord.

  • peace geeks


u mad


lulz is there a backstory to this that someone can fill me in on


None at all, he just sort of showed up like today since EVO 2K10 and posted this.


He’s mad no one laughed at his shitty avatar?


yeah i was looking at his post history hoping to find some gems but don’t see any

oh well


Fuck your mother. Fuck your grandmother. Fuck your grandma. Fuck your great grandmother. Fuck your great grandma. Fuck your great great grand mother. Fuck your great great grandma. Fuck your aunt. Fuck your uncle. Fuck your dad. Fuck your grandpa. Fuck your grand father. Fuck your great grandfather. Fuck your great grandpa. Fuck your friends. Fuck your ugly ass face. Fuck your fat Pillsbury dough boy looking mother fucker. For your lord that you praise. Fuck Chun Li in your avatar. Fuck Yun in your avatar. Fuck your avatar period. Fuck the clothes you wear. Fuck the water you drink. Fuck the stubby fingers you used to type up this thread. Fuck your eyes. Fuck your yuck mouth teeth (thanks Riley), Fuck your ears, hell fuck your eyebrows, fuck all the wax in your ears. Fuck your dinosaur looking feet along with them toes. Fuck all the fat on your flabby arms. Fuck your stinky armpits. Fuck your throat I hope you choke on a dick (a big fat one while we at it). Fuck all of your ancestors. Fuck Proverbs 23.9 in your signature. Fuck your actual signature that you sign blank checks with. Fuck the $0.00 you have in your bank account.

Am I missing something? I know I am.


Quite the productive post.


hey man come back to denjin sometime!


this forum is awesome for fighting games you bitch!

but at the end of the day, people are suck ups and jackasses in real life…
WHy should it not be different on a forum?


drop the hammer


You praise the Lord with that mouth?


hm, seems this thread could really go places with the proper contribution, input and moderation. subscribes




what do you mean? that’s such an awesome avatar.


You will be missed.



I was expecting SRK to turn this thread into a religious debate. He praised the lord for god’s sake.


Well this was fun.