"I'm a Marvel"......."And I'm a DC!", it's funny, despite the bias


Y’all know I’m a DC fan, but…

I don’t think anybody can hate the videos, though the writeup is bullshit.

oh, no, no, no, its just… Everybody looooves Batman. :frowning:


I thought they were funny too despite being a little too fanboyish. They should do a reverse one seeing how DC still owns the crap out of Marvel when it comes to cartoons lol!

True that!

New ones!

And even more!

Yea, those are in fact, pretty damn funny.

EDIT: That Batman figure is pimp. Name/Link for purchasing, plz.

I see that Batman figure at Toys R Us, Target, and Fred Meyers.

totally related…


Oh, Superman is a dick. And Batman is always moping about his dead parents.

Man, the 1990s Spiderman and Xmen cartoons rocked out so hard it was ridiculous. And really, Adam West Batman beats out any unflattering show that appeared with a Marvel license attached.

If you change the number in the URL from 608 to 614 or 615, I think, there’s a series of those. :rofl:

LOL since the other thread in GD got locked and I was in the middle of posting this and I haven’t gotten into a good nerd debate in 3 whole days. :rofl:

Oh I’m not saying that they are not legitimate complaints but with all due respect get out of here. Picking on Superman Returns when Marvel has some lame movies too in their repetoire that also contradict a bunch of stuff in their comics like X-Men 3 and at the same time crapping on Superman when it was directed by the same freaking guy who directed X-Men 1 & 2, puhleeease. That’s like when a Marvel writer starts writing DC comics and Marvel fanboys say he’s writing crap now. Fanboyism. There is no one that’s more of an annoying fanboy then me especially when it comes to Capcom (most people who know me really well tend to know this) and we can spot our own annoying fanboys a mile away.

Again, I am not saying that they are not legitmate complaints but really. Start talking about Marvel’s Elektra, Fantastic Four 1, Ghost Rider, Daredevil, Punisher and you have a bunch of movies that people have questionable opinions on whether these movies are good or not to be fair. Everyone just about likes Spidey 1 & 2 and while not everyone agrees on Spidey 3 (I liked it myself and have seen it twice already, going again next week maybe lol) it made about a skillion dollars worldwide. Putting up a Spidey toy against a Superman toy that’s just too easy, almost to the point of bullying. Put a Batman Begins toy against a Ben Affleck Daredevil figure and you got problems. :looney: Though I realize then that the vids wouldn’t be funny I guess. Eh, whatever. To me there’s not a massive difference between the two when it comes to comic book movies, especially since Vertigo is DC too.

But I will say overall Marvel has better movies than DC pound for pound mainly because DC had the nerve to release Catwoman and Steel in movie theaters. :rofl:

And I did like Superman Returns. A big one up it has on Marvel movies is that the joint was in freaking 3D in Imax theaters and Marvel has yet to do this. Spidey 3 in Imax is cool and all but it would of been soooo much better in 3D. But I don’t see a “I’m a Marvel and I’m a DC” mini movie about all that… the Superman toy should walk in with 3D glasses or something. :rofl:

But at least Marvel can’t make any of these claims regarding DC’s animated offerings.

and, just for arguement’s sake.

I liked Steel.

Oh yeah no doubt this isn’t by far the worst case of fanboyism.

You liked Steel? Really? Oh well opinions are opinions. I think I’m the only one who liked the Daredevil movie but I still pick on it because Ben Affleck is such an easy target. :rofl:

I don’t like Steel for the reasons the directors would have intended.

I like it because it’s just so horribly bad, that I can’t help but like it.

and you’re not the only fan of Daredevil…I liked it too.

yea theres a series, very funny shit and i was burned on all the preptime batman ones, since im such a prep time batman enthusiast.

Here’s a new one that came out on Saturday:

upper left