I'm a n00b, plz help

Hey all,
I’m new here to the forums and i play Yang, and i would like to what each of the following mean:

And does anyone know any basic combos for Yang? Sorry if it has been posted already…
Also… anyone know where i can find videos of yang?


EX: when you hit two buttons instead of one for a special move, and you flash yellow and it becomes faster or stronger, etc. Not all special moves have an EX option.

Reset: when your opponent is getting “knocked down,” if you hit him with most normal moves as he’s falling the combo counter will come up, and the character will flip and start to fall normally and be able to parry before he lands. There are a few moves that knock down, oro’s standing MP, remy’s jumping HP or crouching HP, too many to list, though. Yang has a couple reset options, if you hit them with the close MK, the palm strike, or HK (or EX) rolling kick, they’ll be knocked down but fly high enough to reset.

“SA” is short for “super art.” People use this terminology more often than typing a super’s entire name because people either can’t spell it properly or don’t want to take the time to write a long, obscure japanese phrase.

You should check gamefaqs.com for basics, or the Yang Everything thread for some cool stuff (start from the beginning), but I’ll outline a few things here.

The combo you’ll be using the most often is crouching MK into slashes (quarter circle forward (qcf) and any punch, repeat the entire motion three times for the combo). You can also connect into slashes with standing MP, but you’ll most likely want to use the crouching MK for it’s range and speed. Also consider his two chain combos: LK, MK, HK (stun, pushes back, good counter if you suspect someone will attempt to throw you or you want to ward off dashes), and MP, HP, back HP (knocks down, pushes far, fairly good damage).

You can keep away with standing HP, and occasionally with standing HK. MP is good if you want to advance slightly. You’ll find all of his crouching normals useful except perhaps HP. Crouching MP has very good priority and recovery, though.

If you want to know a cool reset that deals insane damage, get someone in the corner, and attempt a palm strike (half circle back (hcb) and punch). If it hits, they’ll fall pretty quickly, but there’s a small window in which you can hit HP and catch them before they land. The two hits deal about 40% stun on most characters and just under 1/4 life. Note that you can fake the palm by pressing two punch buttons (yes, that means there is no EX version).

Seeing as you are new to this, you might want to start by playing (and PRACTICING) with SAII. I say this not because to super move itself is good, but because it has 2 fairly large meters. This means you can pull of many EX Mantis Slashes (EX moves deplete a little bit of your bar).

The EX Mantis Slash has good recovery, speed, range, and damage. Plus it can be linked from:

WP (3 weak punches if you are close enough)
Crounching WP ( also 3 if close enough)
Crouching WK(2 if close enough. Timing is a little different for the kicks)
Crouching MK
FP(If you are close)

I have some good videos of Yang so just go on AIM. Click “Profile” under this post to get my screen name. If you have Mirc or Direct Connect you should try to find the Yang tutorial by DjB13.

P.S. If you can find that vid I would appreciate it if you shared it with me :D.

Thanks guys.

Could u also tell me any other lingo that this site uses please? I tryed to find a legend but couldn’t find one.

Can anyone tell me if it is worth buying the 2d evo 2003 dvd? Does it have good sf:3s vids?

Also, when is SF3:3S coming to ps2?

I’m not gonna tell you any of the lingo because that stuff is retarded and you should stay away from it. I think what you meant to say is terminology. The things you mentioned are TERMS that pretty much everybody in the know of fighting games uses. Whether they go to this site or not.

Let’s see here:
UOH=Universal OverHead (MP+MK)
DP=Dragon Punch (This describes either the move itelf or just the movement. e.g., DP+K would be Toward,Down,Diagonal+Kick.
Meaty=This is when a downed opponent does a reversal pop-up (such as a DP) but you attack them before their move hits you. Go to www.bustkaratedojo.net for a video on that.
That’s all I can think of for now.

I would recommend you buy the DVD by the way. And 3S is coming out some time in the fall (I THINK).

EDIT: If you go to gamefaqs.com, read the Yang faq written by Arlieth Tralare.

rekka…rekka…rekka…rekka…oh and i almost forgot

taunt…EX rekka…SAII

can you tell i had a recent traumatic experiecne with Yang?

Informal combo terms here, to make it easy.

1.Jumping in Foward chains to:
2.Down Toward Foward links to:
3.Standing close strong 2-in-1s to:
4.Jab Tourouzan links to:
5.Standing short 2-in-1s to:
6.EX tourouzan.

steps 1 and 2 your still in the air
you only do one slash in step 4
the timing between step 4 and 5 is very small
last step is a full EX tourouzan

10 hits, awesome damage.