I'm a new member and requesting an avatar!

Hey, what’s up guys. I’m new to the forum and I kinda noticed that there are quite a few professional avatar makers here :eek:
Well, I’m into the old school fighting games such as Street Fighter, Marvel Vs. Capcom but I prefer the ultimate game of all, Mortal Kombat and that goes for all of the games. I was just wondering and not really asking but, can someone care to make me a Mortal Kombat avatar? Using this bomb-a$$ GIF


and with the name Reform on the side or somewhere? Any kind of contributions woud be great. Thanks and I’ll be sure to see you guys around. :cool:

I’m taking this one.:cool:

one thing though, I can’t see the gif. what do I do???

Try right-clicking the image, and clicking on show picture. If you aren’t able to, let me know and be sure to e-mail me at wangalang@cox.net. Ill reply and send it you homie. :cool: Thanks for taking my request.

I still can’t see it.:bluu:
here’s my email just send to to me. k.

Reform. ok buddy I got the gifs. the av will be done in a day or two.:wink:



all finished. hope you like it.:cool:

Hey Phoenix, this av looks great. I appreciate all the work you’ve done for me. Thanks man. :cool:

Great, I’m glad you like the av.
here’s the non flashing av if you like it better.:cool: