I'm A New Player Looking For A Master =P


Hi i really want to get pro at Street Fighter. I’m new to fighting games, but it really would be good if i have a pro to train with and teach me good combos.Thank you!(:
Xbl: B x 3 x


Let me explain to you how it works: you look for the character thread for the character you use and read up on them. Afterwards you go pass by the regional thread for your location and introduce yourself. Once you find your local thread, you start showing up to the local meet ups so you can play with live people. These people will help you get better. Everybody else is too busy doing this to bother making you some sort of pupil.

Find your local people, play against them, go to training mode to practice set ups, play online once in a while, play local people, show up to tournaments and keep doing this. This is how the “pros” do it so it may just work for you.


Thank you man.