I'm a newb



aka scrub. Anyways I started playing this game back in (june?) when it first got emulated. Anyways I thought I was pretty good until some guy named Tenren (dudley) smashed me up like 20 rounds to 3. I couldn’t ever get 2 super bars at once ever.

I asked him for some tips and he said learn spacing and zoning. Not exactly sure what he meant, can you guys give me some advice?

Also because I’m new its hard to just look through threads and learn stuff because you guys all have shit abreiviated and simplified which I do not understand at all.


From the sounds of it, you need to learn a lot; much more than can be feasibly explained in one thread, so I’ll try to outline what you need to learn.

-Search for the abbreviations. There should be a thread in 3s General Strategy that explains it all.

-Practice combos for your character. I assume you play Akuma. Here is a great Akuma thread with all your basic combos.


Focus on bnb’s (bread and butter combos) and Super Art 1 setups. Pretty much any other character you might play should have similar threads that detail all your important combos.

With regards to spacing and zoning, these are kind of intermediate/advanced level concepts. It’s difficult to understand their importance without some real experience under your belt. Also without very strong combo execution, you can do little to improve your spacing/zoning. Just practice combos and try to outsmart your opponents. With time you’ll understand the importance of spacing, and how to improve it.


akuma is awesome at zoning :smiley:


lol, you said you don’t understand spacing and zoning and here goes pherai using the words spacing and zoning ^^.

in short… you want to control the pace of the match, and the “space” between you and your opponent. akuma is especially good at these b/c of his teleport and air fireball. With these 2 moves, you can keep your opponent where you want them, and also escape bad situations. Basically, you want to limit your opponent’s options as much as possible.


Don’t forget the super-important skills of trash-talking and unplugging your opponent’s controller.


I told him not to worry about it for now :rolleyes:


Try learning to run away from your opponent for as long as you can. The better you get at it, the more you will start to understand spacing and zoning.


So GOOD spacing is spacing that allows you to connect moves will minimizing moves available to the opponent?


i guess its more like… run away till you get an opportunity.


Zoning is when you keep the distance from you and your opponent as big as possible. Gouki is good for zoning because of his Gou Zankuu and also his Ashura Senkuu. Akuma is also great for turtling for the same reasons. Just wait for the right opportunity,strike,retreat. Rinse and repeat



Zoning is not staying as far as possible…it’s trying to maintain your character’s perfect distance of control. What you’re talking about is more runaway than anything. And Akuma can’t even do that unless you’re playing Hugo or some other slow/useless ass character. He ain’t Storm…and this ain’t Marvel…


Ah ok, mixed the two up


Thanks guys