I'm a newbie, help please:

I’m a complete beginner to fighting games (bar stomping my brother in SSBB with Wolf), and I’ve got some tough choices to make.
Bar SFvT, what game would you recommend for a n00b, bearing in mind that I’m playing a xbox controller. Is playing on that gonna kill my enjoyment of any fighting game? If I really get into the genre then I’d be willing to invest in something good.
Right now I’m leaning toward UMvC3, just because it seems playable on a controller, and it looks FUN AS HELL. Would SF4 be better, or perhaps even a game by another company all together?

Well out of those 3 games,UMvC3 would be the easiest to learn…but if you wanna learn basic fundamentals of fighting games,go with SSF4 I guess .

XBox Pads are terrible, fyi.

I played a bit of Marvel on pad. It’s not bad at all.

As for other games, BlazBlue I found was pretty easy to play on pad. Mortal Kombat is another game that is pretty pad friendly.