Im a newbie wit sagat



r there any good combos with tiger uppercut???



Here’s a combo:

Roll -> Tiger Uppercut.



close fp to tiger uppercut…in case you got a groove with no roll:rolleyes:


Try tiger crush (blocked), tiger uppercut.

It all combos! The tiger crush makes them not block.


any basic strategies with sagat?

I normal do alot of crouching HP with sagat. they r fast and go good gaurd damage, sometimes my opponent trys to attack after blocking the first one then i throw a second one out which stops whatever they do.

I would watch some movie of Alex valle playing sagat but my computer sucks and won’t show the movie right so any strats with sagat? thanks.


You could try reading the thread about him, but focus on running jabs, c. fierce, tick throws (sometimes…), and I personally think he should be used in C/K/N of course, but preferably in N… low jump hk -> is old school as hell, and pretty basic, but with low jumps, it works decently… you can tiger uppercut on AA, or use, or even c.hp… either sit back and turtle, or try to corner and zone him.


thanks 4 all the tip and combos:) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: hehe haha shaaaaaaaaaaaaa(yama)