I'm a noob and due to my bad habit this is my most dreadful opponent: c.LP


Longer version:
I decided to bring it up because I figured I couldn’t be the only one with this issue.
Some background: I’ve always been around street fighter as a kid and played SF4 casually all the time against friends and I’m afraid I got some bad habits.
I have this stupid tendency to only use fierce moves. I see something punishable? c.HK. I’m getting combo’ed? Mash c.HK. I manage to land a kunai and throw people into my Ibuki vortex? Nope, c.HK.
This used to work pretty decently against my friends but I’m getting crushed online due to c.LP spam and am having huge problems letting this bad habit go. Anyone’s been through stuff like this or got any tips to overcome it?

Short version:
Looking for tips/advices/stories on how to let go of the habit of mashing sweeps and being overly aggressive (or at least how to be smart at it).


What I’ve been doing to break those bad habits gained from years of casual play, is to turn it into a game - ban yourself from doing whatever it is you’re doing too much off, or doing stupidly. Be it random jump ins, sweep spamming in your case, or in my case, random dive kicks.

I try and go through arcade mode once without doing said banned thing, and then will hit up some online games against real opponents. Hopefully you’ll learn other techniques in the process!

I’m sure someone else can fill you in on what you should be doing instead and all that jazz - but thats how I try and train myself to stop doing bad habits in game!


Thanks for the reply! I’ll be challenging myself to a no-sweep arcade mode run right now. As far as c.LP’ing and other hitconfirm goes, how do I punish people that mash them?


To get over sweepingand other hard moves program them off the controller; just go in with lp,lk, mp,mk. Stay outof the other persons c.lp range. Use a medium attack at the tip when they get into range to keep them out.


Using only hp buttons is a very very commn way of playing on the lower levels of play, it’s a knockdown and decent damage if it works, unfortunately it is a slow move so obviousely it will lose to faster attacks. Generally if people are pressing cr.lp/lk in your face you already messed up, they shouldn’t be close enough to do that. If they ARE doing it then you can deal with it multiple ways.

  1. block
    Seriousely just block, the scariest thing they can do is throw you which is alot better than getting counterhit because you mash sweep through their cr.lp buttons.

  2. Backdash
    Backdash has invincibility and you cna often get out of such strings by doing a backdash, unless they are good enough to be looking for it.

3.EX Kazegiri
You have a reversal, so if they are pressing cr.lp and they don’t make it a true blockstring you can get between them with ex kazegiri(f, d, df+KK, shorcut is: df, d, df)

  1. Press your own cr.lk
    Your cr.lk is 3frames and you might be able to get a move in before they do, things is you might get counterhit also as cr.lp attacks are giving the attacker advantage.

Overall try to control the space in front of you so they can’t just walk in that range, use st.mk, st.lp, cr.mp, f.lk, cr.mk and even cr.hk to stop their advance from the ground. If you beat them on the ground they’ll start jumping and you can simply anti air them with b.mp, ex kazegiri, or if you have a fast reaction air throw them.

Mashing cr.hk is a very very bad habit as you are very susceptible to counterhit setups and you can lose ALOT of life very fast and you will get thrown every time they get in your face, if you need to mash something, which i don’t advice, do cr.lk or ex kazegiri, or backdash. You have to recognize their cr.lp/lk patterns. Lastly if you press cr.lk then use the throw button for it, it will also stop their throw attempt. press the cr.lp at the rythm they are attacking you.

Stop mashing cr.hk xD
Bad bad habit.


If you block will they take some action to get around that block? Of course they will, nobody’s gonna crouching jab for 90 seconds if the opponent’s blocking all of them. Obviously there are things that beat crouch blocking though but here’s the kicker. The only way for them to get around your crouch block is for them to stop blocking themselves, whether it’s a throw, an overhead, a jumping attack, and none of that is blocking.