Im a noob at this game~

im a noob at this game i just started playing yesterday i used to play 3rd strike

is there a easier team to play for a noob??

is playing cable magneto sent storm cheap???

Team Scrub (Cable, Sent, Commando) imo seems like a pretty easy team to play with positive results. I think you shoukld learn storm, she’s kind of got a little bit (or most of it, in some cases) of the main aspects of the game (ie: running away, rushing down, building meter, baiting, cross-ups, etc etc).

However, if you want to get good at the game, you should be familiar with how the game works, and just play. The more you play, the better you get, generally. Find a local arcade location you could reach easily, some compeition, some guidance, and you’ll beon your way in no time. Just remember, there’s no parry in Marvel :lol:

And, no, Magneto/Storm/Sentinel-a is not cheap at all, it’s a very powerful team, but, imo, it’s a little harder to use than Magneto/Storm/Psylocke, since psylocke will give new players easier set-ups.

thanx for the advice

yeah there’s no cheap in marvel. that or its all cheap.

Head to Marvel 101 Thread, all things for newbs (like me :o) are there for teams/etc.

This is a post I made to a Gamefaqs member not to long ago, not all of this applies to you do but it’s some good advice.

Originally Posted By NC_Trapper on Gamefaqs
Here are 10 quick pointers.


Read everything on the link posted above. It will give you a general overview of most 2D fighting games.


Read everything on this link to give more of an understanding of MvC2 in specific.


You can either use this link or press the “FAQs & Guides” tab at the top of your screen for this game. Read both of the advanced strategies articles. The info in it is pretty old and outdated, but some of it is still useful.


Read all of the articles on this site especially the “playing to win” articles. It will teach you lessons on fighting games that you’ll need in the long run.


Order this stick online, and make sure to get the optimal 360 joystick, and convex buttons. It’s one of the best arcade sticks on the market, and you’re going to need one. But don’t get the dream cast adapter, instead go and buy this:

Search the site for the “innovations adapter” for the dream cast.


Join SRK, and learn from the pros.


Watch all of the various match vids on this site, and see top players at work. Some other good match vid sites are:

You can also use if you want to, it’s actually very useful and contains an abundance of vids.

  1. Start visiting your local arcade, or search for players who live in your city. SRK is a great place to meet players near you.

  2. Come back to this thread 9 months later, so we can see how well you’ve progressed(I’m guessing it’s going to take you 9 months in the minimum to do all this).

  3. Good luck, you’ll need it = )

don’t ever tell somebody to use the gamefaqs bullshit to get good at marvel please.

Note that I said the info was pretty old and outdated but some is still good.


And I was only referring to the advanced strategies guides. The character faqs honestly do suck.

That guide sucks as well. The last updates were SIX years ago.

Just come here and ask questions. That’s all you need to do. You can’t make a list of “10 steps to being a better marvel player,” because that’s not going to work.

Actually i bet you can.

  1. Practice Excution
  2. Know your Match ups
  3. Know your characters
  4. Learn the Game’s Engine
  5. Play agianst people
  6. Watch Videos(
  7. Go to Srk.
  8. Go to Tourneys
  9. Don’t burn yourself out(playing too much)
  10. Get Hype.

How about this one?

Practice execution, go to arcades, come to SRK with questions, learn from that, repeat
End it there. much simpler.

seriously, pointers are one thing, but to list a ton of stupid shit and redundant things is pointless. with going to tournies, you get to play people for example. i said go to arcades… which involes playing people and possibly, (and stupid if you don’t) participating in tournies. and by coming here and us recommedning videos to watch, that is another two in one…

maybe, i just like keeping shit a little simpler.

^true, sometimes it’s best to keep things simple, but some people come here to learn really technical stuff so they expect somethings like that.

i just made the list to prove you wrong…:wgrin:

yeah, i know what you did. haha.