I'm a Noob need help with duel moding


I have Sf4 SE shell and I want to bring it to life. I wanted to get the PS360 PCB Is there anything else that I need or any program? also I want to know if I was to get another ps360 pcb can I just drop it in my StxT pro Stick ?


Make sure you read Dual Modding 101

You do not need any additional programs, just the means to wire your SE’s buttons and Joystick and USB cable to the PS360+.
You might want to nab the JST kit or a USB cable with a Type B end to connect to the PS360+

Yes a PS360+ can be installed in a Street Fighter Cross Tekken Pro stick


Is Duel Modding a kickstarter fighting game? B15 confirmed for hidden boss.


I assumed it was like when that guy built his stick with a machete incorporated into the thing.


I thought it was about arcade stick builders / modders settling things with pistols at dawn.


let’s mod like gentlemen


Thanks for the info . now I’m able to build some new fight sticks an arcade cad